Dusk 19: Suliat

Suliat and I go way back. Intro done. Moving on… :p


I really struggled to write this post and I can’t really put a finger on what exactly was the reason (probably got side tracked between NYSC, Tennis, Work and some Procrastination). Nevertheless, I knew as soon as I saw toxic’s announcement that I just had to do this (having been fortunate to participate last year as well) but things just seemed to keep getting in the way. I do thank God that I finally have been able to sit and just do it!

Like most others, I decided in 2013 that I would set practical, achievable goals. In the end I found myself setting goals, though respectable, but also ones that I had no other choice but to achieve anyway!.. *chuckle*, It’s kinda funny actually, how one unknowingly sets ‘cushions’ just in case one dares to jump. I’m beginning to think that I should probably just take one HUGE leap of Faith and stop TRIPLE thinking EVERYTHING!! My apologies, I digress, back to actual post…

The first third of Dear 2013 started off wonderfully, I coached, we won; planned and helped organize, ended up having the most talked about international event in Shaw University; with God, graduated Summa Cum Laude, even got a well paying, wonderful benefits job! Hot diggidy! GOD most definitely was on my side cause I couldn’t possibly have been doing this (and staying sane) on my own.

After graduating, I decided that I would turn down the job offer and head on back to Nigeria, there was a much bigger picture I had already worked out which involved me getting another degree, living and working in Europe. So I figured, why not experience what my country has to offer (and boy did I!!). June, July and August where probably the most event filled months of my entire life! NAPIMS working, people disappointments, Lagos traffic, travel, bad investment- lost money… Wow!
September came, what? Denied? How? Why? Must be a mistake! Well it wasn’t and I saw my well thought out 3-year-plan flash before my eyes. Took a couple of minutes to recover (literally). Well, no big deal, guess I’ll just start here in good ‘ol gidi yea? Wrong?

“You must have authorization to work”…

I’m sorry, what? Are you kidding? In my own country? Oh wait, NYSC… *breathe*

By Gods grace I am FINALLY settling in gradually. After all the hustle of redeployment, I feel rays of sunshine softly touching my face. So My “hopes” for 2014 . . .

Started off this year spontaneously joining my friend in the 100 days RCCG fast (probably won’t do the entire 100 but I’m sowing seeds everyday that I do)

There’s is this new career path I’ve decided to embark on, it seems very challenging, looks very difficult to break through and I kinda feel a tad bit out of my depth but I’m gonna give it my very best shot!
If you feel inclined, please pray for me… I’ll need all the help I can get!

In the words of Madiba ~ “It always seems impossible until its done

Realized that one of the very goals I set out to achieve last year I fumbled tremendously so this year, I will, not plan, WILL be a better daughter and sister to the one set of people that I’m gladly stuck to for the rest of my life.

Finally, I will be streamlining a lot of things in my life. The one I am most worried about “people/friend” aspect but its something that must be done… God is in control.

I am hanging on the words in David’s post

“As we start this New Year, “let us remember: it is more important to know where we are going than to get there quickly; don’t mistake activity for achievement.” To have patience and a clear vision or dream goes a long way in Gods intervention plan for your spiritual and material welfare. This year, be willing to slow down and work WITH God.”

(Thanks David!… Yes, I finished this post this morning 😀 ).

I pray we ALL will have testimonies by the end of the year.

This is my year of New Beginnings, Abundant Fruitfulness and loads of Festivals…

I pray for you all that you pray for yourself… God speed this Year!!

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