Day 20: Kofo

Kofo has an enthralling way with words. I found myself mesmerised reading her…


This must be a good omen; that I’m writing and articulating my ‘to-be-achieved’ for this year. That I’m articulating at all, that I’m writing at all. 2013 was a very strange cocktail of the sweet, the salty, the sour, and the bitter for me so this serendipitous slot to move via writing on 2013’s curves and fast lanes is a good one for me. Thank you Toks; Tokunbo; Toxic (I don’t even know you enough to warrant this familiarity).

At the beginning of 2013, I was a final year student of CU and boy, was I ready to soar! My convocation was six months away and reality began to flash before me. 2013 ended with me being a Corper, paying unnecessary dues to my fatherland and facing reality’s fangs. Everything in between was conquered by God’s grace only. Doxology.

2014, you will be great! Heed my words and attend my sayings because…just because…

Fashion, the fire for you that the good Lord placed in me was almost blown out last year. The parents just won’t let me dive into the uncertainty of being a fashion designer when I have a degree in accounting. I must get chartered; that’s the ultimatum. I’m going to take those darned ICAN classes and deprive myself of happiness for some months so that I can derive eternal joy in you, I promise.

To Love in such a fashion that flows and is not forced. Love, I’d rather you happened upon me with ease, without fights, without spite flung forth and back in words that can’t be taken back. I may not have burnt with passion in 2013 but this year I want to love and be loved, not to be consumed in a love that burns out, not to drown in love and not find my foot hold, not to be blown away and tossed and thrown around like a weightless paper-plane, and not to quake with desires that only result in destruction.

Faith: to love God first and put him first, to work out my salvation, to serve God in faithfulness, and to design a father-daughter relationship with him. I want to hear him at every crossroad and ask him for directions to every destination. I want him to lead me into greener pastures and to walk me by still waters. I want a fellowship in 3D with God and the three personas of the Trinity. I am actively participating in the 21 days of fasting for the Living faith church members and I hope this spurs me into greater heights in faith.

I am turning 21 this year and even as I reach a landmark in my life I want to look back on this year smiling smugly reminiscent of the fun had and achievements raked in. I want to experience happenings that I can relate proudly to my own children and to gather business acumen I can proudly retell to my network about how much my brand and I grew in my twenty-first year. I aim to consciously initiate many projects in this year that will grow and make up the foundation of my would-be fortune 500-esque company here in Nigeria.

As for fitness, social life, learning to keep in touch, learning to drive (x_x), anger management, learning to be punctual, quit procrastinating, the Lord is my muscle.

2 comments on “Day 20: Kofo

  1. cocoblaq says:

    That’s s lot, gal. But since it’s “as you thinketh, so shall it be”, may the Good Lord keep you.


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