Dusk 21: Ebun

It’s funny and probably embarrassing to her, but Ebun and I had been following each other on twitter for a while before I recognised her as the little tot I’d known way back. Small world. Her turn…


It’s 2014. I’m so psyched because there’s so much I’m looking forward t! 2013 was such an amazing year and I strongly believe it’s gonna roll over into 2014. As cliche as it sounds, I also believe in writing goals and actually working towards them.

This year, I think the most important thing for me is to improve my relationship with God. Get closer to Him, study the Bible and whatnot. Hopefully, I find a study buddy this year. Someone to follow through and put me in check. And no, I don’t want any one/group online.

Healthwise, I FINALLY started a work-out routine and i hope i can pull through! Healthy eating is a no-brainer and I’m proud to announce that I’ve recovered from my coke addiction. 😀

School’s just gonna go on smoothly. I hope I can return to Alliance Francaise this year to bag another diploma.

My photography career would also kick off in full force. This year, I hope to take at least 5,000 photos, attend seminars/workshops and get as many internships as possible.

I also want to try as much as possible to acquire additional entrepreneurial skills. I hope my mother would finally accept and realise that there can never be too many MUAs in the business.

For now, I’ve decided not to visit Goodreads because I’ll probably be tempted to  pick a random figure and set a reading goal. That didn’t really go well last year. So, this is me holding back until I’m sure I’m ready to make an effort. Electronic reading isn’t really my forte……yet.

I’ve also decided to take a shot at freelance writing and maybe follow the yellow brick road wherever it leads.

Basically, this year for me is about taking charge. I’ve come to the realisation that I’m not getting any younger and this is the time for me to actually do something.Anything can happen. Life’s too short. Fortunately, 2013 saw the beginning of the actualization of my dreams so 2014, Bring. It. On!

Cheers to a fabulous year! 

2 comments on “Dusk 21: Ebun

  1. cocoblaq says:

    May you accomplish all you set your heart on, Ebun.


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