Dark 22: Dolapo

I ‘finally’ met Dolapo last Christmas. I love her mind and I especially love her vocabulary. Wish I could download it. The kid is destined to be great, I should famz her more.


Hi. Umm, I’m not quite sure what I plan to say but we’ll go with it. The spirit of the New Year passed me over and I couldn’t get me head into the brouhaha of Crossover. A nigga just wanted to sleep, too much to ask? Didn’t help that I spent the actual day and many after sick as a wet kitten. But enough about that.

Had you asked me to do a recap of the past year it would look much like a sleep-deprived individual’s waking dream. Being chronologically challenged doesn’t help either as I can’t keep track of what happened when and so every telling will have holes but we try to keep with the saying that “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.” so it all eventually makes sense. Hopefully.

On the radio the other day the presenter asked what our personal theme for the year was. You know how churches go “My Year of Double-Double” or “My Year of Death to the Enemy”, yeah. So mine is, drumroll please, My Year of Happiness. That’s all I ask and all Cosmo (that’s my pet name for the Universe) does not want to give. But hey, who cares, I’ll be happy anyway.

Every bit of joy that can be gotten from this year shall be savoured and I’ve already started.

I’m changing my course. I’m finally growing up.

I met this guy in December. I met a lot of guys last year but I hope this becomes something. If not, I’ll be happy anyway (I’d better be, can’t be moping around).

I got a job in December. It seems fun. I hope it stays fun. If not, I’ll be happy anyway.

I’ll be 18 this year (hint! hint! Not like you lot care). In some subconsious desperation to spice up boring 17 I did stupid things last year. Stupid in every sense of the word. So this is the Take-It-Easy Year.

So that’s it I guess. Read, I pray to God write and study how to mindfuck people. So yeah. Oh and remember to be young, very important. Have fun y’all. Buh-bye.

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