Dusk 22: Funmi

Funmi is a former colleague and now long-time friend. She’s an amazing power house somehow packaged and fit into the tiniest frame. I’m going to begin calling her ‘Mama twins’. You’ll understand why soon…


OMG! It’s 4 minutes past midnight, 29 years ago. Mum’s water just broke… She had such big dreams for her princess, but little did Mrs Fatona know that Ajike would grow up to be such a bite-size dynamite!

2013 A.D.

This young, upwardly mobile fashionista was in a pile of emotional, financial and spiritual cow dung. Despite being at the top of both her Bachelors and Masters classes, she struggled at the bottom of a pit, double-minded, unstable in all her ways. From the outside, her grass was greener than the Nigerian flag, with a steady relationship, potential job offers, successfully executed events that rocked her growing social circle and a pocket full of ideas (as money no dey, how we for do?).

The months rolled by helplessly as she had cheated nature and loved ones to arrive at her unknown destination. Miracles happened though, for which she is eternally grateful. She bagged a 2nd degree amidst an empty bank account, a daily debilitating neurological anomaly, a shaky love life, a dramatic family affair that is reality-show-worthy and a minimal God-mance (yeah, He is a lover like no other).

November 2013. Excellence in Leadership Conference. http://www.WordWorksWondersinDaystar.come!

Her life was catapulted into purpose and an amala-hot desire to live holy and fulfil destiny.

Bigger than any resolution, she just KNEW a change had come. It transcended any present situation, mistakes, failures and glaring inadequacies.

January 22, 2014.

Irrespective of the other 6Billion+ people on this planet, this is HER year. Phenomenal exploits, UPGRADE like never before seen in her lineage. “Success is almost always the result of definite and accurate planning”, along with step by step ACTION (talk is cheap, boo).

In a race with only her shadow, by January 22, 2015, she will have achieved the following:

– An acute ear for His voice and a continuously obedient set of hands and feet to obey

– The right to say ‘I missed my husband’s calls, garra go!’ *wink

– Confirmation and domination in the shark-infested waters of Corporate Ikeja GRA

– The cutest prince and princess cooking in the oven.

– A deeply rooted house of brands with Signature Scents, Signature Gifts and Signature Sacs thriving, despite World Bank figures and the law of diminishing returns

– REAL relationships with family, with all the dust swept out from under the carpet.

– True friendships (no Frenemies, plix) with mutual accountability.

– A hot bod, despite the pair who would live rent-free for 40 weeks…ShawnT’s the bestest!

– The hottest, yet most sanctified, Sex life EVER (yeh, I said it).

– Soooo much landmark stuff to deserve an intimate 5-star celebration of the big three-o.

– Peace, like a river. Joy unspeakable.

Take root downward, Bear fruit upward – motto for 2014

Now receiving cheques, cash, gifts, seed offering, money orders, deposits, transfers, drafts and so on. Hehehehe!

N.B. This post proves that words only come to me during shower hour. Click.


Many Happy Returns, FF. You are blessed and a blessing in all that you are and in all that you do. The words you have proclaimed here, though spoken in faith, become truth and to them I say a big “Amen”. Happy Birthday 🙂

2 comments on “Dusk 22: Funmi

  1. Awww I liked this one…
    Happy Birthday!


  2. KerryTosan says:

    Lovely.. ShawnT huh? Lol, I’m not alone..


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