Dusk 23: Nathalie

Nathalie is back. Nathalie with her beautiful name. Today seems to be a day of beautiful names.


The world was lost in electro-house right now in my room and I am feeling thankful for my entire existence. Writing has increased for me this year like I had hoped this time last year when I wrote last for the blog. Love didn’t really work for me last year. But my heart is strong. Music pre-release reviews were encouraging within and outside Nigeria in 2013. I look forward to sharing so much from within with all of you.
I will share a secret. This will take me 12 minutes to draft. I had believed I was up tomorrow. Sigh. Sorry guys. I wanted to share a personal story with you this year. But maybe heaven wanted me to do this instead.

Last year also, I learnt that once you can write a story in bits, you are healing. That Bigfoot_micworx is an amazing musician. (Mixing is music too. 🙂 That nothing feels better than the joy you feel irrespective of the storms of life.

That when you love with all your heart it really doesn’t mean that you won’t get to cry over it; but better things await those who are not bitter about their loss. That death is sometimes beautiful. Death to the flesh. Life to the spirit. And I discovered what I want to do till I can’t do it anymore- smile.

The following things I shall do in 2014:

LOVE (the Lord my God with all my heart)
Tell my stories.
And again, LOVE.
With all my heart,


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