Day 24: Alex

There’s something enthralling about Alex’ handle. I still remember that first dm I sent her… “I’m going to enjoy following you.”I don’t remember what I was high on that day but so far, it’s held true. And no, I wasn’t setting P -__-


2013 , had its ups and downs. I experienced lots of disappointments and heart wrenching situations. I also got to meet lots of people who made me see how little my problems were, and taught me to be grateful for life. Yes, I learned lessons, albeit the hard way, that have made me stronger today.

There’re a lot of things I would love this year to hold for me.

Most importantly being me reaching a new level with God. Oui, it’s cliche, because everyone says that at the beginning of every year, but this time, I have decided to let Him use me in whatever way he chooses to.

I just got a job in sales, a totally different field for me. I haveno experience whatsoever. I was initially scared but after talking to a few people and praying about it too, I think I’m ready to man up 🙂

I’m also gonna be writing 2 sets of exams in June and December, towards being chartered (we accountants never stop learning. *weeps*). Those have to be passed, with me having little or no time to myself. God dey.

I was gonna start a masters program this year, but I’m thinking that’s not gonna happen anymore. I’ll have to make do with buying the form later this year. That’s a step, right?

Acquiring skills also has to be a major achievementthis year. I want to learn to speak French,  sew and bake. Get project management certified. I even still haven’t learned to drive. It’s a shame, I know.

I need to learn to be a better friend and girlfriend (some people are gonna be asking me questions after this). I think I try but I’m not sure I do enough. Communication is key and maybe I’m lacking in that area. Learning to give my all is going to be difficult but I’m willing to try.

I think 2014 is off to a great start, and I know there’s a lot more to experience. So I’m just going to try to live in the moment. Be less uptight. Laugh more often. Cry when I need to… I can’t be strong all the time. Hang out, chill with friends. Catch a movie. Take amazing photos. Love with all of me. Read more. Take my job seriously and be awesome.

I only hope I live to see the end.


2 comments on “Day 24: Alex

  1. Be awesome! Love, love your plans for the year (I can’t drive either so you’re not alone, lol). All the best with the studying. Learning to bake is a neat move. Books go great with cake. And pies. And warm bread slathered with butter (or margarine or spread or whatever blue band is called these days).

    Have fun!


  2. frankices says:


    @Toxic Wats the handle?

    Did the ‘P’ work? :p


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