Dusk 24: Dammy

2013 was a great year for me, but on critical review I realized that it was one in which I underutilized my potentials. I was priviledged that the results I got from the year were in multiples of my efforts. As such 2014 should serve to correct most of the non-chalance of 2013.

In 2014 the long stretch of this journey called medical school should come to an end finally (tentatively 26th December 2014 so long doctors don’t decide to embark on any strike). As such, a lot of my activities this year would be based on that premise that it’s my last year as a medical student and as an undergraduate.

Now on to the main point, my aspirations for 2014 go as follows:

– To reinforce my relationship with God and come to that point of total dependence on God in spite of my seeming abilities to handle myself

– To successfully conclude my medical journey picking basic skills needed for medical practice and perform well in my exams

– To read 12 non-academic books(about 8 carried over from last year) this year

– To improve on my writing skills (started blogging last year) and creativity, hence a 31-day challenge in March> you are all welcome to come and have a good read.

– To improve on my photography skills; keep taking the shots #10,000shots.

– To learn how to dance; my dancing is so arrhythmic and uncoordinated

– To improve on my interpersonal relationships this year

– Finally, to stay single throughout this year

I hope to come back next year and make plans for my first year as a doctor. Very importantly, happy birthday to my biggest brother Ogunsina Olusegun, love you so much.

Ogunsina Oluwadamilola


Lol. I’m so tripped. After ‘finding/building a relationship with God’, the next most common thing to feature on folks’ agenda for the year is ‘finding love’. It’s such a trip to see someone resolve to remain single all year. Dammy must be a highly sought after hot kek. Hehe.

4 comments on “Dusk 24: Dammy

  1. Ebun Oluwole says:

    LOL! Same here. I resolve to remain single this year too.

    Boys? Too much drama! LOL.


  2. KerryTosan says:

    This series is really inspiring. It’s fun too.. Keep it coming yo!


  3. frankices says:

    Lol. Choose to remain single all year? What ever for?


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