Day 25: Tunrayo

This one I found really, really interesting.


I don’t like sharwarma.

Maybe I’ll give it another shot this year.

And pizza too.

And oatmeal… Uhh.. maybe not.

Now, I really don’t know why my genius mind thought it was necessary to share that bit of information with you, but I’ve already, so…

Moving on.

You know those pictures where you’re supposed to look for a particular object? Like all those ‘RT when you find it’ pictures?

My life was like that.

Until very recently, I had a peripheral vision of what I thought I was supposed to do (or be doing) with my life. I had the picture, I just didn’t find the object.

Honestly, it’s pretty easy just living life as it comes, not setting any specific targets or goals. The only problem with that plan is you end up very empty, desperately unhappy and constantly searching for more. A search that may or may not yield any results depending on your attitude.

About the end of 2013, I tried to answer a question that strayed on to my TL. ‘Are you happy’? I did not like the answer. I realized that the basic things that defined my happiness just weren’t in place. I decided there and then to change things for myself. I just went to God and we had a serious conversation.

Now I’ve new found hope. I have a sense of direction. And I have peace. I’m calm in the core of my being, and somehow I’m just certain things will work out perfectly. I don’t think I’ve experienced this thing I’m feeling ever. This absolute solemnity that has overtaken my heart and mind. I’m glad. I’m hopeful. I’m expectant. Some how I have the feeling that there will be rough times, but I’m also certain that I’ll pull through.

I’m dedicating this year to being a better person, (Daughter, Friend, Sister). Heaven knows my family and friends deserve my absolute best. I plan to learn handiwork, start a business, and make plenty money. I’m taking my health very seriously as well, cutting down on junk food, staying in shape etc. I’m going for NYSC in june (finally!) And after waiting a year and a half, I can’t honestly say I’m excited. However, I plan to make the most of the period. I’d like to join/ work with an NGO this year (suggestions will be appreciated). I hope to finally overcome my fear of driving and attain gangster status like my parents and brother.

I want to be happy. Yes, its a conscious decision, I’m cutting any and all sources of unhappiness away and concentrating on my joy. I probably sound selfish but *insert shrug here*

Yes, I MUST kiss under the rain, and in the cinema too. I MUST.

Flawless Victory.

That’s the theme I’m working with this year.

Welcome 2014, the best of me is ready to begin.

Side Note: This very special girl, PreciousHeart, is a year older today. I picked this date because of her. Do say a prayer for her. She has made my life beautiful. I love you Precious. I love you, okay?


Many Happy Returns to PreciousHeart.

So Tunrayo, you want to kiss under the rain, eh? And in the cinema, abi? Should we help you find volunteers? 😉

3 comments on “Day 25: Tunrayo

  1. Olanrewaju Balogun says:

    Happy birthday precious heart, I volunteer myself for the arduous task of kissing under the rain. And please Mr. Toxic may I have your email address.



  2. Awwwwww!! I love u too bbz. Dunno wat I’d do without u.


  3. fola says:

    Nice one tuntun!
    Can we go to the cinemas now pleeeeeeez!and rain fell last night sef… Atink I can relate to dis post tho! Happy birthday precious. God bless you!


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