Day 26: Barida

Barida is back! 😀


To be honest 2013 didn’t go exactly as planned, several disappointments plus didn’t meet most of my expectations but it wasn’t a bad year entirely. At least I’m thankful for life and good health for me, family and friends.

So wasn’t really sure of what to expect this year, but getting Ola’s mail about my post and reading the other posts on the 30 days of Hope reminded me that I too have every right to be hopeful even if things don’t always go according to plan.

So here’s mine…

This year already started well for me with a lot of responsibilities. I was given an opportunity where I have to manage someone’s business. I hope to give my best to it and not disappoint those that have the faith in me that I can handle it .

Also towards the end of last year, I needed to end some kind of meaningless relationships with some so called friends. I call them parasites because they add nothing to your life but rather try to take so much from you. Usually, I don’t have a problem cutting people off my life, so that was the easy part… I just hope to stick with the script.

Also I’m not very patient and I’m short tempered… Working on that.

Giving out more love, happiness, kindness to those around me that deserve it. Don’t usually do that often since I don’t consider myself mushy but hey! I’m starting with the little things 🙂 Hoping that changes the impression that I’m stiff or unappreciative.

And finally My Heavenly Father, He’s my all and I’m definitely finishing with Him. Phil: 4:13 already says it all .


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