Dusk 26: Tushe

Tushe is another who has journeyed across far and distant lands and over many mountains and seas to the land of #30DaysOfHope. Say welcome…


When I sent a mail to request for this date, it was with trepidation. Then, 0toxic replied in minutes saying I was in. My heart fluttered. Not because I do not know what I want my year to be like, but, because I’m a stoic. I never open up. But, I’m tired of that. I’ve hidden so many emotions in my life that I thought, what’s the worst that would happen if I do this?

Sorry about the preamble, now, to pay respects, did I hear you say this is another preamble? Shut up. ITK. I would like to firstly thank the management, my fellow nostalagians, Microsoft, and Glo network for this auspicious opportunity. Gigi-san, Vundie too, for drawing my attention to it, no lead, no salute.

*  *  *


I would look boldly into this year but The past has been there all along, reminding us: This time, maybe, hopefully, against all odds, we will get it right.
I fear it would be inappropriate to speak about my desires for the year without a reference to the one that went by. No? Yes.

Synopsis – 2013 really was bland. Practically drifted through. Made few friends I can count them on one foot. Finished with NYSC, then everyone seemed interested in my life. Talmbout, “what are your plans for the future?” Usually, I just made up a joke and ran away. Not into the house of Tara abeg.
I applied for some jobs. Didn’t prepare adequately. Failed all of them. Like! Oh, except one. Which will feature in this year. Amen? Amen.

Moving on, my people, this new year Ehn! I know it would be awesome. Wait. Why? Let me expound further.

When the clock struck 12am, the Pastor of my church conveniently made it such that the choir (which I’m part of. Pause) was singing, so I couldn’t greet anybody happy new year and stuff. I didn’t even care. The year had started to a slow drag. Fast forward to the communion part of the service, I found myself with the lead microphone and leading the people to process out to the table. It felt as if God was telling me, “My nigga, you’re gonna take charge of this yearrrr”. And I was like, “Oshey, Baba.” or something like that. >_<

Without further ado. No Sade. My 2014 as I see it.

– It’s an opportunity for me to get closer to God. To really connect. I’ve been fighting some internal wars. I see the light ahead. Not sure if it’s a tunnel. But, I’m glad.

– Time for me to start a career. Remember that one test which I didn’t fail? Yes. The time is now.

In all honesty, I want money. You there with the judgy eyes. Yes, you. Keep quiet. It’s Will Roger that said “Too many people spend money they earned to buy things they don’t want, to impress people that they don’t like.” Doing that sounds silly but to be this silly you must have had enough of something to do the silly. Did I confuse you? Don’t be silly. That thing I would love to have a lot of this year – money. I might just rob a bank, commandeer a ship at sea or just kidnap a senator’s son, I just have to make that green this year.

– Time to face my responsibilities. To God. At home. In church. And I hope to write a lot more this year, the ending of last year saw me in a mini-drought. Thoughts flowing in. No words flowing out. Imagine the accumulation in my head. [Input – Output = Accumulation]
In the words of C. J. Cherryh, “It is perfectly okay to write garbage, as long as you edit brilliantly”. That right there’s the plan.

– I have this foreboding that it’s the year in which I would find myself. I kent wait. I just dey look.

– Go back to team Fit Fam. Right now, I can say I’ve spent a major part of my year on my bed. I’m not proud.

Lastly, as I conclude. Let me share this nugget: for all the things that might have happened in the past. Leave them there. They are history. Things that are history are just that- history. Let us focus on now. Let us focus on the future. Join me, as we settle into this period of renewed hopes.

Have a wonderful continuum of a dozen blissful months. Because saying “have a great year” is too mainstream.


5 comments on “Dusk 26: Tushe

  1. Yay. Gigi-san Vundie. I see you too, fam.

    Tushe is one of my funniest tweeps and bloggers. Sigh. I should kill him. I hate competition.

    Fam. This is an awesome year. I can sniff it in the air.

    (No, my nose is moderate-sized. Don’t get sassy with me.)

    Cheers. Je ka clink botu.


  2. enajyte says:

    Why do you remind me of someone?

    Have a wonderful continuum of a dozen blissful months.


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