Dark 27: Farida

Oh my… We’re getting close to the end of #30DaysOfHope. Tonight, Farida mounts the stage…


Greater glory.

For a long time I have longed for siblings to love, fight and share with. Now that I know they exist, I am going after them to offer my love and I hope they receive it and me with open arms. This is the year that I will understand beyond doubt how important and amazing family is. This year I hope I meet my siblings and the head has the courage to call a family meeting physically or virtually and introduce me to everyone. I also hope that I have the courage to change my name if the need arises. You cannot actually fully fathom how the results of a paternity test can affect your life but I am grateful regardless and still amazed by how God carefully orchestrates circumstances in my favour. How He does what He does and helps me to know beyond doubt how much he loves me. This year, I hope for strength to bond with family.
2014 is the year I hope for miracles. For a long time mum said I was “AA” and just as I started realising how special one “AS” fellow was, I not-so-randomly decided to go for a test and the result said “AS” I forgive you ma. I hope that this is the year that I testify that I am now “AA” so that these seeds of love get a chance to blossom and be all that it can be. I also hope that I am able to trust God even more regardless of the results. I also hope I ditch these lenses. These beautiful eyes need to see past the myopia and shine.

I hope to graduate excellently from Maritime Academy of Nigeria this year too and before I leave, I hope that this year’s Sisters’ Week is the best and we’ve ever has and there is a harvest of souls. I hope that our cadet’s week is very successful and I also pray and hope that this year our NIFES building is fit for worshippers to worship in. This is the year I get sent to serve my country too and I hope to be sent to a very good place or push it for a while and go for masters. I hope I learn how to drive, sew and bake. I hope I officially launch “Talking baskets” this year.. Move the business from my head and into reality.

This year, I hope to learn, I hope for joy unspeakable and more happiness than I’ve ever imagined. I hope that I refuse to be refused. I hope that I focus more on loving God with all of my heart, more than I have done in all my years put together. I hope I fellowship with the Spirit more. I hope for strength to receive all that God has planned for me this year.

I hope I am prudent with my year. I hope for greater glory, for overwhelming victory, for exceeding and abundantly more than I can ask or imagine. I hope that at the end of 2014, God would have done for me what I cannot do for myself and take all the glory.

Blood, grace, miracles, courage and strength and love will find us out.
Have an amazingly great year ahead as you rejoice in hope.


One comment on “Dark 27: Farida

  1. enajyte says:

    I’ve been there, meeting a family you never knew you had. I believe you will find the strength you need.



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