Dusk 27: Moyin

I’m still not exactly sure why I’m doing this. You see for a long time, I’ve believed that while we humans sit around making plans, the big guy up there just sits and laughs. I like to think that he laughs as in ‘if only you knew how much I had in store for you, you wouldn’t be planning so small’. Still I plan because that’s probably the only thing that makes sense about a new year. Oh happy new year y’all.

Moyin is one of my best buds. Love her to bits.


I’m not here to talk about 2013, but I’ll say it was a year of growth and in 2014 I want to make use of that growth.

First on the list this year is that I want to have an encounter with God. My uncle always tells people when they ask him how he can believe in a God he doesn’t see that when he is full he doesn’t need anyone else to tell him that’s he’s full, it’s the same way with his relationship with God. He’s had so many encounters with God that no one needs to tell him God is real. Ah guess this one is a prayer point instead of a plan/ goal. God I want to see your glory in a special way this year.

Next, I would love to start my PhD this year. While I was cleaning out some stuff at home recently, I found a document from 8 years ago in which I had written my career goals. Top of the list was to acquire a PhD and work in academics. I don’t know why I allowed doubt creep in but I’m going back to my first love (really) this year.

I would also like to acquire some assets this year. Tie my money down now that I don’t have too many things demanding money from me.
Health wise, I’d love to make healthier choices and be more pro active about my mental health.
I want to be a better friend, sister, aunty, daughter, godmother and colleague this year. I want to say what I mean exactly how I mean it and why I mean it.

Finally, it’ll be a great to be able to say I’m someone’s partner sometime during this year. One of the tiny blessings of life is having someone to share the highs and the lows with.

With the permission of the Most High, these are mine.

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