Day 28: Chychy

Chichi is small sister from the east. This is me being a good big brother… :p


Hey Girl,

How are you? No, don’t give me that fake “I am fine” answer. How are you? I couldn’t help but notice how you danced, thanking God for a beautiful 2013 and asking him to make 2014 even better. I’m glad everything worked out. I’m glad you got all you wanted. Or did you? Last year was amazing. You even gave a testimony on Efe’s blog. I’m surprised you did. Then again what pushed you to do it was Revelations 12:11. You always have to win, don’t you?

Anyways, this year you know you have to do so much better. There’s so much to be done. Top of the list is your Bar Finals and girl, I am not accepting anything less than a first class. The most I can manage will be a 2:1 and only just so don’t go around aiming for it. Good thing we are on the same page.  Don’t worry baby. You’ve got all the help you need.

Iheomagwu. Your good things will never finish. I know it looks like this year is throwing stones at you and your faith is shaking. Have you forgotten whom you have? Olisa. Your King. I heard you the other day baring your soul to Him. My heart broke knowing that all the anger, the hurt, the pain you had pushed to the back of your mind could be seen in the tears you shed that day. I heard you telling Him how you were tired of all the bullshit you had to experience in 4 weeks. That’s good. At least now you’ve let go. It’s time for Him to do what He has to do.  Have you forgotten how you felt when you got up from His laps? You had the most amazing smile I have seen in a long time. Keep doing that my love. Trust Him for everything you want and need. Spend more time with Olisa. Talk to Him every second. He craves it. That thing you were talking to Him about is settled.

Chigozirim. God has blessed me. I know you feel like He hasn’t blessed you in that one area of your life that you don’t ever talk to anyone about. Not even the one human that knows you in and out. I know you’re looking for a sign to do the right thing. Do this for me tho. Hang on. Yes, you know what I mean. Hang on. For now. I don’t have all the answers but I do know that in time, you’ll see why.

Ekemma. Beautiful creation. Girl, I love your body but it’s time to get fit and stop being a foodie. Your body is beautiful now, but it can be more beautiful. It’s time to cut down on the carbs, lose the tummy fat and a bit of waist. I know you think you’ve started but we both know the truth behind it. This whole taking 5 steps and panting like a woman in labour will no longer be acceptable. I love what you did with your hair last year. Cutting it and going natural was so bold and I’m very impressed. You’ve been lackadaisical in taking care of it tho. It’s time to step it up. Protective hairstyles are your friend. Inugo?

Adadidioha mma. Ada-ure. Ada Bekee. You’re amazing. You need to love yourself more and not let anyone or anything make you feel less. You’ve got such big plans that you’re bursting to let the world see them. I can’t wait too. I know you’ll accomplish all. That’s how much I trust you. Do me a favour. Don’t forget the people that helped you on your way up. Be a better person to all men and the best friend to your friends. I know they aren’t much and that’s why you’re going to be friendlier and accommodating this year. I know it’s not easy but you have to try. Laugh more, dance more, smile more, play more. You deserve it.

I love you baby and I am rooting for you.


*raises champagne flute* Here’s to a beautiful 2014. May all our dreams come true.

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