Dusk 30: Oyin

I love Oyin. Ever vivacious and effervescent, She’s my tiny little sister.



See what I might not have done there? I’m innocent. Honest… :p


Wiping sweat off my brow, the realization that I might be beginning this year feeling frustrated about the heat and crazy town called Lagos is not diminishing the good feeling that is enveloping me when I think of how much closer I’m getting to my goals as each day passes. My plans for this year are now a little carved in plasticine which to me, means that only the place my plans are placed on may change but my plans are steady taking appropriate form.

I think I was being pseudo-deep right now.

However, the mental ruler I’m using to measure how far I’m going tells me that I’m on the right track at the right pace. Even though, today feels like one of those days that I wish I was travelling round the world, seeing weird things.  Not that I’m bored. I’m just restless.

And Excited.

“Oh Lord… that You would bless me indeed, enlarge my territory…”  Has been my song for a while now and I haven’t been disappointed so far. With a beautiful new job, I’m fascinated and challenged everyday. I’m investing in who I am, and being the absolute best that I can be. It’s all about love and roots. I love my job… yes, I love it so it’s very perfect. I’m paying more attention to myself and that is paying off too.

Well, my hopes and dreams for this year are pretty simple.

I’m determined to finish my book this year. Well, God knows I’ve finished it like twice already but I don’t think they’ve been good enough so… I have to make sure that it ends exactly the way that it wants me. My closest friends think I’m too hard on myself, but I just expect so much more from me, so I intend to live up to my own expectations this year.

On that note, that means that I’m going to be the absolute best of myself EVERYDAY till its not so difficult to do. Being a creative person can make one easily distracted with all the ideas running through one’s head but I’m going to stick by my day to day expectations.

Roots. Another year that is about creating a strong foundation for whatever else I’m going to be has to begin RIGHT NOW!! Being more understanding, loving and forgiving people. Make an effort with my family because they are amazingly talented people who don’t judge. Do you know how difficult it is to fit in a family? My brothers are soooooo cool and I need to show them how much I’ll give for them.

This year, my relationship is my focus. (Oh well, when isn’t it?) I’m just going to keep my eyes up on God because I’ve learnt a lot being with Him for this long and there’s still so much to be learnt, so I’m not going to be stubborn and believe that I know everything. Lol.

There’s a lot to plan and say I’m going to do but I’m not great with making long term plans and sticking to them. I’m a simple girl with simple tastes. They might seem eccentric but who cares?

And yeah… I’m on a #1000FriendsAYear plan which simply means that I’m going to be spending a lot of time with a whole lot of people this year and its simply because… God uses people to teach us lessons and how else would you learn if you aren’t around them?

Finally, I’m all about relationships this year because I totally believe that LOVE makes the world go round and God shows himself mightily through people. So I’m going to take that route. I’m hopeful that it’ll take me where I eventually want to be.

Thank you Tokunbo for making sure that I did this. You are an amazing man and I thank God that I met you. Love :*

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