My Butt Hurts

I’m on a road trip with all these awesome people and, while the conversations and budding friendships have been lovely, the experience has been less than awesome.

Primarily because my butt hurts right now.

Our air-conditioned bus refused to start this morning and an alternative had to be found fast. This alternative is slow, rickety and has padded benches for seats.

Now, the last leg of the trip lasted 6hrs and the only leg break we had, I failed to take. Regrettably.

My butt really hurts.

8 comments on “My Butt Hurts

  1. pejasmine697 says:

    I read ten posts on this blog. 10!!😁 That is more than I have read on any blog ever. I love your style.😍 You’re a wonderful and amazingly talented writer. Oh did i mention, coolest 😎 person I have seen today because you’re that too.
    I can’t wait to read more from you soon. Big ups to you. ☺ 👍👌
    Be happy.. 😊✌


  2. mcnierdy says:

    Hope your butt feels better now and hurray for road trips with awesome people. 🙂


  3. Hope your butt is good now?
    Lovely blog you’ve got.
    I’ve been on here for over an hour now….
    Back to reading older posts.


  4. […] Nigeria. Many adventures. The three posts I put up over those days were road inspired. This one was about the toll the journey was taking on my body, this one was about the terrible state of the […]


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