Roads Best Laid

The roads in the south-west of Nigeria are all bad. Every single one of them.

I know what you’ll say: you know one really good road somewhere on the road to your house which was recently reconstructed by your progressive governor who should be our next president… but no. If you thought about it for just a little bit, you’d realise the really good roads you know have a few patches of resurfaced tar. Then there are the typical long roads layered with potholes, gravel and pools of water, some of which may just happen to have some smooth road between this round of potholes and the next. And of course, it’s worst on the inter-state highways.

I can’t count how many times we would be rolling down the highway and the driver would have to get OFF the darned road because the sandy embankment was smoother than the road.

Talk about an irony.

One comment on “Roads Best Laid

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