A Small Ramble Between 11pm And Midnight

Tis 11pm and not a soul stirs
But the one who his phone presses
He knows not what he writes
Only that he must
Before the clock strike twelve

Fatigue weighs heavily upon his eyes
Another yawn escapes his lips
He scratches that itch on his leg
For only the umpteenth time

He would rather be doing several other things
Than tapping away on his phone

He feels clammy
His eyelids droop
His head and scalp flake
The effect of a visit to his barber
His imagination begins to roam
To the cool shower which awaits
The chance to finally splash water into the eye
Which has itched all evening long

And again, he is sure he would rather not be typing this

He glances down at the word count
And comes to the realisation
That before he began
He set no target
And so could end up typing only a hundred words
Or perhaps as much as ten times that

He bothers a little bit
About the subject of the post
And whether the readers will relate
But about the bloggers,
And the writers,
He is not concerned
For he knows beyond all doubt
That every writer feels this way sometimes

They would rather be elsewhere
Than here writing, which they love so much

For inspiration is priceless
And has us searching for it
Endlessly, daily,
Seeking its direction
But sometimes,
Much like now,
There will be none
And every writer has had to inspire themselves
By themselves

And so this is him trying

He has attained some length
Small as it might be
And with it,
He has acquired some satisfaction
Such that finally
All of a sudden
The things he fantasized about
Are now within reach

Which is why this ends
Oh so abruptly…

8 comments on “A Small Ramble Between 11pm And Midnight

  1. hahishaa says:

    Awwww as random as this is, it reads nice. (Y)


  2. Dami O says:

    Really nice, for someone that’s supposedly so tired.. Hopefully you’re asleep now.


  3. edgothboy says:

    We are awake and reading. Solomizer. By the way, DM me. I have stuff for thou.


  4. enajyte says:

    Yeah, I get this.


  5. Yaaaaaaaay you!!! And you made it! By hook or crook. Lol
    That line about the priceless nature of inspiration is so true!!! I think Afoma once published a post on inspiration.

    Shebi you know you could have splashed water on that eye and gotten sufficient relief to continue? 😀

    Ehen thank you o for not being concerned about us bloggers. Welldone *side-eye*


    • Lizzie….is there nowhere on the blogosphere that I won’t find you?
      You just sidetracked me from saying what I wanted to say about this post…I saw your comment and it al flew away cuz I just thought to “find ya trouble” instead.



    Reblogged this on TOTS OF A BLACK GIRL and commented:
    This perfectly describes what I go through blogging sometimes. Read and enjoy.


  7. […] Now, I find myself in the predicament I was in at the beginning of this post a little too often. Where I’m saddled with the obligation to write a piece and have nothing to write. Several times when I’ve found myself in that position, I simply write up something about not being able to write, killing two birds with one stone. That was the situation I found myself in on Day 7 and that was the solution I came up with when I wrote a small ramble between 11pm and midnight. […]


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