How I Feel About The LIB/IP Debate

I’m Happy.

Because Linda Ikeji’s blog was finally taken down. I’m ecstatic, in fact, and here’s why…

I’m a writer. An actor. An artist. A photographer. I know the value of my creativity, I gain my daily bread from it. Sometimes, I offer my art for free, not because I consider it worthless, but because I choose to gift it. If someone took my freely given or paid for art and used it to their own gain in any way whatsoever, they are stealing from me.

I may not be able to identify my work that anyone may have stolen (and that’s only because I haven’t bothered to check), but I have more than a few friends who have been affected directly by plagiarism from online platforms and I stand solidly beside them every chance I get. I still remember @StNaija making a big big fuss when Ynaija took a piece from her site without any permission or remuneration and published it, merely crediting her name.

I’m Sad.

That people are so ignorant that they say “At least, she was credited, what else does she want again?” Like say na credit pesin wan chop.

Let me educate you a bit. If you use unsolicited and unapproved content and you directly or indirectly benefit from doing so, you are stealing Intellectual Property.

I’m Grateful.

For @MrAyeDee, who chose to do something about the theft of his intellectual property. We’ve grown lazy as a collective, not getting up to fight for ourselves against the things which threaten our lives daily.

“Someone elso will do it. Eventually.” And thus is it never done.

MrAyeDee shows us that it CAN be done! Justice can be served. Just because the rest of us are too lazy or too busy or not affected enough to do anything about it or don’t know how to go about it and as such, have sunk into despair and hopelessness, doesn’t mean we should remain there. We can have a Hope and pursue it passionately till it yields fruit.

I’m Proud.

Of people like Noble Igwe (of 360nobs) and Uche Pedro (of BellaNaija) and Wale Adetula (of TheNakedConvos) who know the value of talent and reward it in ways people like LIB chose to eschew. They realize that they can easily take advantage of others on their platforms but instead choose integrity and professionalism. They prove that not “everyone is doing it” and they show how it should be done.

I’m Not Naive.

I know none of those people are perfect, but they are the few doing the right things to a large extent and deserve to be celebrated.

I’m Bewildered.

At how people see justice taking its course and say something like “Don’t kick a man when he’s down” or “It’s wrong to rejoice at someone’s downfall”. The downfall of a thief? So because you are not the one being stolen from and you enjoy the dividends from that thievery, it’s suddenly fine for them to carry on? Noted.

I’m Confused.

By the argument by some that MrAyeDee is only out to draw blood for his own gain and thus has no right to bring a case against her. Let’s assume this is true and the man is a blood-sucking leech who has no care for the cause he appears to fight for, but only seeks to line his own pockets with Linda’s loot, does this in any way justify her of her own crimes? Does this suddenly absolve her of her guilt. Ever heard or read the saying “two wrongs don’t make a right”?

I’m Disappointed.

That people who should know better – educated people, enlightened people, people of (seemingly) good moral standing – are supportive of and/or feel sympathy for Linda Ikeji because her source of livelihood (at the expensive expense of many other people) has been taken away from her (perhaps temporarily).

I’m even more Disappointed.

That anyone at all would say “These haters are just jealous of her success” or “It’s because she can afford/has bought a 2014 Range Rover”. The latter one, I find extremely disappointing.

I’m Disgusted.

When someone who is confronted with their wrong doing chooses to say something like “I’m not the only one who’s doing it” or “You’re just jealous of my success” or “I may be a sinner but you also have skeletons in your cupboard”. What happened to owning your shit and taking responsibility for your actions? Where is the remorse?

I’m Livid.

At her idiotic arrogance and ignorance. For many years, she’d been advised and warned to properly structure her business, buy a proper domain name and to stop stealing content. But oh no, these people just want to “chop my (ill-gotten) wealth with me. I shall not pay them a dime!” Her selfishness and greed just had to keep pushing her to this cliff from which she shall undoubtedly climb back over, hopefully, lessons learned.

63 comments on “How I Feel About The LIB/IP Debate

  1. anagail says:

    Reblogged this on Anabagail and commented:
    I read this blog post and I have never felt prouder of another person in a bit. Tokunbo put into words all the feelings I have felt over the past couple of days, especially the anger and disappointment. I am very proud of him 🙂


  2. TheDammy says:

    All I am saying.


  3. qreamy says:

    This situation brought to light something I have always know; Linda Ikeji is an uncouth low life.

    She’s no different from a Mayweather who can afford an education but refuses to get one.

    Linda can afford her Domain name, afford copyright lawyers, content providers, editors, proof readers…but the uneducated part of whatever she thinks is her intellect will not allow her do the professional thing.

    Money can’t buy class.

    Toks, nice one.


  4. Well dang. I think you’ve said all that needs to be said per this very case, both gets an eyebrow raised at them.

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  5. Afoma says:

    *insert resounding applause* Your thoughts are so well articulated. I’ve been under a rock for so long, I’m just hearing about the LIB debacle today. It’s about time someone did something for intellectual property.


  6. Olanrewaju Balogun says:

    I am totally with you on the fight against intellectual theft, seeing as I’ve been on the short end of the stick before.
    But and I repeat for emphasis “But” the claim coming from the said “Mr Aydee” is just plain shady, especially when you look at his past record and actions.
    And lastly I have never drank from the Linda ikeji Kool-aid, but you write up especially your concluding sentence reeks of all manners of hate and almost maliciousness on your part.
    I understand that everyone is fully entitled to their opinion, but for the first time … I almost don’t like you.



  7. Terdoh says:

    Best post you ever wrote.


  8. enajyte says:

    I feel the same way. In almost the same words.


  9. mllebemi says:

    Thank you very much for this.
    Yes, I used to read her blog but I also used to marvel at the amount of content she used to lift without any reference.
    The Nigerian factor is sad because everyone is trying to justify her wrongdoings.
    I hope this experience teaches her how to things the right way and she doesn’t lose too much from this.


    • 0latoxic says:

      I don’t really care if she doesn’t learn from this and/or loses everything. I’m more concerned about us, all of us, learning from this that intellectual property is valuable and taking it without permission is theft.


  10. tosinbird says:

    I respect Linda. She blatantly disregarded IP and I recently sent LIB a comment about this, you know, if you were not there, you can’t report this thing that happened in New York or wherever as though you were there. At the least, I’d expect to see “According to the New York Times,…” or so.

    I teach in a Nigerian university and try to create awareness of / respect for IP in my young engineers. It’s a bit of a foreign language, because as one can see, in Nigerian society today, all that is a joke. Hahaha, I even tell them of an author who had her story placed in an anthology somewhere in Africa, heard about it and confronted the offender, guess what, he insulted her WELL. His argument being, he stole from far greater writers, they didn’t complain, so why should her ugly ass not be grateful? Back to my class, they dubbed so much, they would dub answers to questions from a case discussion on ethics of plagiarism in a test. (They really didn’t know better, what can I say?) Taken more aggressive steps to expose them to the Northern and Western cultures of the world, in which if you touch my IP, you are the lowest of low scum of the earth; if you copy homework, people give you zero straight, … All these things are alien to African, Middle Eastern, and many other students. And I’m relativist enough not to force developed ideas down their throats, they’re smart enough to decide themselves, let them have the exposure. Think how China steals IP and then goes around to say it’s the USA stealing from them. Think how Merkl and Obama ‘s governments spy on each other, and stay friends. Think how intellectual work is shit work in this society – I’m a fool because I think or teach or write for a living. If I had sense, I’d be out networking for a contract or buying and selling.

    Linda, Linda, Linda. She has shown in many ways that she is a bush girl. She helped Nigerians celebrate this their PSquare bought a new car, Wizkid bought a wristwatch culture. She has this mythology of herself as a hustler, God is blessing her hustle, let me enjoy a designer dress even if it looks no better than a non-designer dress. Ha, gosh, who the fuck cares about designer shoes and bags? Nigerians do. Poor poor poor minds. Poor people. The hardwork part of Linda’s ethic is good. The me-against-the-world, roforofo fighting side, that’s gots to go. She is a rich(-er) woman now, she has to get the stylishness to go with it. Love for Linda. Not a huge LIB fan, a minor fan, but hope it comes back, better, and with improved ethics all around. Amen.

    And this case will make my job easier; a real-life Nigerian story of IP.
    Next up: ending world hunger, …

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  11. Intoxyka says:


    You took ’em words right outta my head. Stealing is stealing and if she had been more apologetic, I wouldn’t have been as angry as I am. I respect her hustle o (after all, she didn’t shag her way to the top) but that is no excuse for thievery, arrogance and flat out rude behavior.

    The sad thing is that she could have prepared better for this; put a proper structure in place so that the Linda Ikeji brand can be reckoned with…. instead she chose to we kobo wise, naira foolish.
    I hope she gets the lesson from this experience.

    Word to everyone out there: no one is hating on you for your so called ‘SUCCESS’: When youre wrong, your wrong and that’s just the bottom of the pot!!!

    PS: Please don’t plagiarize my comment! I WILL FIND YOU AND I WILL SUE YOU


  12. OMG!!! I was just having this argument in my office! I am soooo disappointed in the fact that it even had to be an argument. Saying she isnt the only one> Granted I am not a fan of her blog, I wont say I was overjoyed her source of livelihood was taken from her either but….she is doing it to others. A lot of us in this country are this countrys problem, not the leaders we are pointing at.


    • 0latoxic says:

      Gbam! You’ve said everything I didn’t have the time or space to say.

      Especially “A lot of us in this country are this country’s problem, not the leaders we are pointing at.”


  13. St Naija says:

    thank you for writing this. It is so very brave of you. But then brave is who you are and what you do. I remember the YNaija case, recently the guy was even denying it. laughable. Thanks for being a voice for hard work, creativity and originality. Thank you.


  14. BiKé says:

    One of the best post I’ve read so far about the Linda Ikeji’s case. So right on point.

    Acknowledgement is huge, It’s not only about the money but mostly about you seeing your work been appreciated and respected.

    When success starts coming in, more knowledge of that thing bringing us that success is what we suppose to invest upon at that particular time, which I think is one of Linda’s mistake.

    Well’ hope she learned from this and hope everyone learned too.

    Very Nice Article !!


  15. AliceDCL says:

    Well Said, Well Said, i ranted about this on twitter the other day, the blatant disrespect of the right thing to do because no one else is doing it or because you are profiting from doing wrong, ignorance of her readers, blaming haters and bad belle, that part just killed me, later they will say our leaders have issues and are corrupt, Nigerians are their own worst enemies


  16. impressed says:

    This is, without a doubt, the best viewpoint/article I’ve read on the subject.
    Thank you so much for writing this and adding a voice of sensibility into the debate


  17. oladeinde says:

    mudafuckin bitch, Linda Linda losing………………. call my a hater , i dont care, i hate greedy bitches, she could have put it straight long ago . but like most bitches …. have you seen my range rover


  18. Famous Isaacs says:



  19. nubianwaters says:

    You never fail to disappoint Olatoxic!

    Profiting from wrong doing doesn’t suddenly make it right! I am still trying to recover from the shock the depth of moral decadence this debate has exposed especially amongst supposedly educated young Nigerians (Ages 25 – 40)! We say we have a long way to go but the truth is – we are not even on the right track yet!


  20. Sirkastiq says:

    You still don’t have sense sha….I think


  21. judithodili says:

    I don’t agree at all. Now I am not supporting anyone plagiarizing anything but A. We do not have official plagiarism laws for online content in naija B. everyone, include the most reputable news sources take content from other places and credit the source. Just like when I cite a study in my research papers (PhD student here), you are telling me to write a letter to the owner asking for permission? Finally, if Linda didn’t publish it, nobody would have found it anyway. When someone who has as many readers as Linda links your website based on the story she took from you, it’s a major plus no matter how you look at it. If you hate that she took your content and are not satisfied with her crediting you as the source, ask her to take it down then sue her when she doesn’t. I call this whole thing BS… people are getting salty over nothing. She sef shouldnt be putting her life in the public like that.. her buying cars, houses etc is nobody’s business.

    Her website is not meant to provide intellectual enrichment for anyone, it is a gossip website and watches, designer clothes and hot men are very appropriate content.


    • 0latoxic says:

      You shot your entire argument down all by yourself when you said…

      “If you hate that she took your content and are not satisfied with her crediting you as the source, ask her to take it down then sue her when she doesn’t.”

      Err, in case you didn’t realise it, that is Exactly what is going on here. Wake up.


  22. say says:

    After your long epistle, her blog has been restored….


    • 0latoxic says:



    • Mostest says:

      Yes her blog has been restored but the damage has been done. Any reputable establishment will not take her blog seriously. It was restored because the sell out ayedee harbours emotional feelings for Linda, but trust me, she now knows better(I hope). No one seeks her downfall, but the next time she steals any content without giving credit, a lot more ayedee’s will come out. This is an eye opener on the industry and everyone will be careful going forward. Hopefully she and her sister will stop flaunting all the rubbish they do everyday, as my fellow Nigerians say “na she dey show herself”.


  23. Nedoux says:

    You write beautifully, this read like a sinfully delicious book. Well done!

    However, new developments have now revealed that as always, in most seemingly shocking situations, “There’s more than meets the eye”. Linda remains a enigma whom I admire.

    I await your novel with impatience, I’m certain it will be brilliant 🙂


  24. Koko says:

    Well said Tokunbo. I’m glad the website was taken down. This is something I’ve said countless times, and her reaction in all this has been disappointing. Big ups to those that have stayed true and gone about their business the right way.


  25. Jay says:

    Tokunbo, I read something this morning. When people are emotionally invested in a war, it’s hard to lay down arms when the war is over.

    1) I’m guessing now that we know now that the charges labelled against her are copyright laws

    2) she has apologised and moved on with her old blog and a website

    3)Everyone insulting her and saying all the “woe unto linda” words….I dunno. Just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    4)I guess Mr Aydee and linda have used all of our heads to settle and since no one has the balls to take her to court after this, she’s good to go. If you ask me why, I can not answer

    Aydee technically dropped the charges against her and helped to restore her blog. I guess this case is closed then.

    First time on here btw


  26. jamjam says:

    …#GBAM !

    Well said bruv. my biff for Linda is not an immediate right now dislike. nope. it’s been slow rising kind. I really really really really dislike the woman!
    #confession I didn’t know who what when or why her blog was taken down, until I followed a link from akin adesoji’s post on my Facebook timeline to read your blog. and then I was like, “o. so that’s what all the fuss is about…good for her tho…” evil of me, yes. do I care, nope. why? I don’t like her!
    I almost got into an argument with a friend on Facebook all because I said I didn’t read her blog, however I chose not to respond to her myopic thought pattern on this subject.
    …as for her brandishing her new 2014 range as though it will cure Ebola, that’s small-person-small-mind-small-thinking disease. she should grow up!
    …you know what, I’m not going to talk any further, I seem to be expressing a lot my dislike of the woman, and I’m drifting off topic of sorts.
    anyway, tokunbo well done, well said, well written.


  27. Biola says:

    Very well said, I agree with everything you said here. .


  28. Harry says:

    Lol,come December she would buy her followers with money….n GBAM everyone has moved on


  29. Funmie says:

    Ooookay… This is one of the best written articles I’ve read in a while. Well done Olatoxic.

    Now on to the Linda issue, I’m a fan ‘of sorts’. Why? Linda Ikeji’s Blog is my number one cure for boredom. It’s a gossip blog and who doesn’t want the occasional on-dit. It appeals to the evil gossipy monster in me. I read her blog, daily and daily, I find myself saddened at the amount of immaturity, bad syntax (for an English graduate) and hedonism on display. Surely there must be more to this life than what is here, but this is the world we live in today. LIB simply typifies this.

    The IP issue is a big one, bigger than LIB. It’s a cultural thing and to defeat it, we must begin within our sphere of influence. Talk is cheap but how many of us actually have the ‘cojones’ to be the change we want to see? (cliche, yes I know). It really is that simple. We can keep bashing the LIBs of this world but if we don’t do something, it’s going keep happening and they’ll keep smiling to the Bank. Perhaps I would have thanked Mr. AyeDee from the very depths of my side if he hadn’t reneged and exposed his emotional bias for Linda. Again, the whole ‘Naija mentality’. (Who knows whether money even changed hands and this is one big show #funmie’sconspiracytheories…)

    Make I no too talk, if we wan make folks like LIB do the correct thing, make we begin change the minds of people wey dey our domot first. Shikena!


    p.s. My first time on this blog…


  30. kilakam says:

    Well said


  31. […] which culminated in her blog being temporarily shut down, allegedly by Google. I wrote first about what I felt about the whole drama, focusing on the Intellectual Property/Copyright debate and then about the reality of […]


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