How The Tables Turn

True story.


I peeped into the main office – the one where all the writers sat – and seeing that Bayo, the editor-in-theif, was not in, I allowed the rest of my body and presence be absorbed into the large room. I needed a break from the designers’ office with its over-efficient AC and endless piles of work and it was a delight to see the tv was on.

It was tuned to Nigezie, a travesty. How could staff of Soundcity Blast Magazine be watching the better rival station right in the office. Such a sacrilege. Such an insult. Such… Bravery. Folk weren’t paying much attention to the screen, so I planted myself right in front of it. Some spanking new music video was showing.

I love music videos. When beautifully done, I see them as high art. Music videos present a chance to tell a story within 3-5mins inspired by a song/music you (usually) had no hand in creating. This presents a challenge because rather than creating this piece of film from scratch, you have to work with a canvas which already has sketches by someone else’s hand on it. If you’re a creative of any kind, you know how much more challenging this is. Then there’s the brevity of the time-frame. The music video director and editor do not have the luxury of hours to introduce the characters, breakdown the plot, present the twist and show the resolution. All these must be done withing a very small time frame. And this is why I marvel at particularly good videos, bacause despite all these odds, they still bring that magic to life.

Apologies for the digression. Where was I? Aha, Nigezie was showing a spanking new video from all these new cats. The song was listed as Knighthouse featuring MI, who was making huge waves with his first 2 or 3 singles at the time; Kel, whose smash hit, Waa Wa Alright was still making waves; and a young girl I’d never seen before. Her name was recorded as Mo Cheddah and I had fallen in love. Or crush. Whatever.

I was so much in it that I proclaimed it to all who were in the office that day. I don’t know what it was or if it was an ‘it’ sef. Had to be everything. Her smile, her looks, her voice, her big nose, her charisma. The effect on me was instant.

Someone who already knew about her was like “Ah. She’s a small girl o. She just entered uni sef. Don’t be a paedophile” or something to that effect. I just shrugged.

Fast forward about 2weeks (or so), I need another break and so I poke my head in the writer’s office and the tv is off, Bayo is in and there’s a bunch of strangers he’s having a meeting with. All the reasons I have to turn around and head back to my office. But no, there’s only one reason I cannot do that: the people Bayo was meeting were the (then) entire Knighthouse. That’s Rogba, Sabre, Othello and… Mo Cheddah.

Oh. My. Gosh! I can’t believe this. This goddess was here! This amazing, gorgeous, talented girl. [Insert scream here] But of course, all that was in my head. I casually strolled into the office to one of the writers spots and casually pretended to be in conversation while I casually flipped through a mag or something and casually cast a glance in her direction.

Our eyes met.

She smiled.

I died.

Of course, I didn’t go back to my office. I hung around until that meeting was done. And while her ‘handlers’ gisted with Bayo and the other writers and stuff, Mo walked over to me. I promise, I was not hyperventilating. Not outwardly anyway.

“Hi, I’m Modupe.”

“I’m Toks.”

“Oh, I know.”

I did a double take.

“Wait, what? How do you know that?”

“Ah ahn, shebi you were in Lag?”


“Creative Arts, shebi? That’s what I’m studying. Just entered year 2. In year 1, I used to see you around in school and I used to scope you from far. Plus I watch Shallow Waters, I’m a big fan.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know how I’m writing this now, because I died and went to heaven that day.

8 comments on “How The Tables Turn

  1. enajyte says:

    Great thing, resurrection. 🙂


  2. teleola says:

    When your crush likes you back. This is like a fairytale.
    I’m crying.


  3. Afoma says:



  4. […] Super Woman, I told a mildly mirthful tale of how and when I first met MoCheddah. She’s a […]


  5. bharyour says:

    Dodoyo nie Tokunbo


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