Not Just Another Ramble

Because I don’t know what to write and many things are popping all over my head.

Yesterday was #NoHornDay and I’m proud to say I managed to honked my car horn only once all day. Just one tiny little tap which came out of nowhere before I could stop it. But it’s fine though. I said what I think about the #NoHornDay initiative in the previous post which you can read here.

Ooh, I just had an idea what to do with this post. Yeah, I was serious when I said I didn’t know what to write. I’m just going to freestyle the whole thing through. You’ll see what my idea was as I go along.

Today is the 16th day of October, meaning it’s the midpoint of the month. This is the 14th post I’m putting up in this ‘blog everyday this month’ challenge I’m doing. If you do the math, that means I’ve missed out on one day/post. Not cool. Technically, this is yesterday’s post, I plan to post another before the day is done. I’ll make up for the one I missed with two in November 🙂

Before the #NoHornDay post, I reblogged Super Woman, a story I wrote and illustrated not too long ago for Art Stories on TheNakedConvos. That’s something I’m going to be doing now and then going forward, reblogging some of my favorite Art Stories. This way, loyal Nostalgians who don’t frequent TNC get to read them and enjoy the art.

Before Super Woman, I told a mildly mirthful tale of how and when I first met MoCheddah. She’s a doll.

Before that, on Day 10, I shared A Quote I wrote which is the probably the shortest post I’ve ever put up on this blog. I wonder if I will be forced to surpass that brevity before the month is over. Yes, I know ‘surpass’ is used wrongly there. Call it poetic justice. Bite me.

Interesting, but what inspired that oh-so-deep quote was the same thing that formed the subject matter of the two previous posts: The Linda Ikeji/Intellectual property/Copyright debate. Over the previous weekend, there’d been a lot of drama over Linda’s copyright theft of one MrAyeDee (looking back, this might all just have been one huge publicity stunt), which culminated in her blog being temporarily shut down, allegedly by Google. I wrote first about what I felt about the whole drama, focusing on the Intellectual Property/Copyright debate and then about the reality of Cybersquatting, something MrAyeDee has been accused of doing.

Now, I find myself in the predicament I was in at the beginning of this post a little too often. Where I’m saddled with the obligation to write a piece and have nothing to write. Several times when I’ve found myself in that position, I simply write up something about not being able to write, killing two birds with one stone. That was the situation I found myself in on Day 7 and that was the solution I came up with when I wrote a small ramble between 11pm and midnight.

The long weekend of two weeks ago saw me on the road. I took a road trip with old, new and not-so-new friends across several states in south-western Nigeria. Many adventures. The three posts I put up over those days were road inspired. This one was about the toll the journey was taking on my body, this one was about the terrible state of the roads and this one was a little fiction I came up with inspired by a small moment we experienced on the way back.

The night before that trip began, I’d written another piece of fiction inspired by real experiences. I’ve done a little bit of event photography and something I bet annoys ALL photographers who cover events was documented in that tale.

The day this challenge really took off was the 2nd day of October. I reblogged the first Art Story I ever posted on TNC. A touching tale, if I do say so myself, which dealt with the issues of tribalism, age difference in marriage and judging books by covers.

On the first day, I spontaneously decided to embark on this challenge. Probably the second shortest blog post here.

So there you have it. If you didn’t realize yet, this was a recap of the challenge so far. If you look close, you’ll see that there are links to all the posts, so you can click to whichever may have piqued your interest.

Please enjoy 🙂

4 comments on “Not Just Another Ramble

  1. enajyte says:

    Well done. Well done.


  2. jayajade says:

    So a summary post yh? Seen seen -_-

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