Announcing: The Disconnect


For 30 years, a man has expressed himself via different media, perpetually bringing into light the immense variety of form and formlessness which co-exist – sometimes in perfect balance; sometimes bringing about utter chaos – within his head.

This is me. Artist. In word, in sound and in imagery. And it is time that you witnessed… The Disconnect.

On Saturday, 13th December, I stage my first art show at The Osh Gallery. 381 Herbert Macaulay way, Yaba. 4pm. 

Come and see some of the characters and entities who play around in my heart, soul and mind and have somehow managed to escape unto canvas. You might even want to take some of them home with you. They are that intriguing.

Drofu will also be showing their art and merchandise. You want to see and purchase that too.


A month ago, I posted an entry in my ‘Everyday in October’ challenge and it turned out to be the last. It wasn’t even something I wrote. It was @AfroVII’s rejoinder to my ‘Story for the gods’ piece (which was the last piece I wrote here. Sigh). I learnt a lot from the comments and rejoinders to that post. Got educated in the societal context with which Olamide wrote it.

Cool story sha.

I’m not remorseful about falling off with my daily blogging challenge. Things at work got crazy intense towards the end of last month and even though I had seen it coming, I’d envisaged being able to still somehow manage… I couldn’t. That just sounds like a bit fat excuse, doesn’t it? Hehe. And that’s not even the ‘reason’ why I’m unapologetic.

I’m unapologetic because I posted 26 posts in October. There were 31 days in that month. 26 out of 31 seems pretty darned good to me. It’s clearly not the best. Very very clearly sef. But, it’s pretty impressive coming from me, considering my… err… Tendencies. So as far as I’m concerned, I tried. No apologies :p

* * * *

In the next post, a big ass announcement. Brace yourself 😉