Announcement: 30 Days Of Hope 2015

This year has been fulfilling. (No, this is not a 2014 review post. That may come later. We’ll see…) The year is 2014 but somehow, especially in this latter part of it, the number 30 has come to be of some significance to me.

– I held my first exhibition just after I turned 30

– In that exhibition, I showcased 30 pieces of art (and an installation)

– In January, we ran the 2nd instalment of 30 Days of Hope on here

– And today, on the 30th of December, 2014, this is the announcement of the 3rd installment of 30 Days of Hope which will run through January 2015.

Lol. I can see the question mark hanging over some heads.

“What is 30 Days of Hope?”

The 30 Days of Hope project is an opportunity. It’s a guest-blogging challenge inspired by Efe’s yearly review which runs every December here. While folk get to reflect on the year that’s ending there, here you get to project into the new year what your hopes, dreams, desires, goals and aspirations are. You get to pen these down somewhere in cyberspace and revisit them as you go along to see how well you’re doing and know whether to put in more effort or rest on your oars.

Now, these are not mere new year resolutions, they go way beyond that. Sure, you pen down the goals and aspirations you hope to achieve by your own doing, however, you also write the dreams and desires you have for the year which attaining are beyond your control. Whether those things are dependent on someone close to you, someone distant and/or unfamiliar or even the divine being you believe in. Write them down and revisit them later for some introspection and re-evaluation.

Who gets to write?

You. Anyone. Everyone.

You need not be a writer, a blogger, a draughtsman, a typist or whatever. Your post doesn’t need to be flamboyant, or writerly or in any defined length or format. Just write those hopes down. We’ve seen some beautiful testimonies come out of this process in the past and I expect many more this year and going forward ^_^


This will go down between the 2nd and 31st of January and the only requirement is to pick a date/slot beforehand. We’ll try to accommodate everyone who’s interested, but if we somehow cannot, it will boil down to a first come, first served basis. Dates have already begun to go, so make your move if you’re interested. Fast.

Please leave a comment to indicate interest and what date you’re interested in and I’ll reply asap to let you know availability.


102 comments on “Announcement: 30 Days Of Hope 2015

  1. Niro Bertram says:

    January 31

    Niro Bertram

    Mobile: +234 803 625 8625 |LinkedIn: ‘Niro Bertram | Twitter: @DJNIRO84  
    Facebook: Niro Bertram | Website:


  2. I’d like to reserve january 31st please


  3. I was thinking about this a couple of days ago, so imagine how excited I was to get a post notification. I need to see what I wrote this year *goes to look*

    I like the idea of continuity and would have loved to do it on the same day but err….let’s have 24th January if possible 🙂


  4. Hi! I’m very much interested. Is 30th of January available? I’d like to reserve that date.


  5. Tiki says:

    I want the 28th day. January 29th is it?


  6. enajyte says:

    I’ve been waiting for this. 5th of January, if you please. 🙂


  7. TM.Lucia says:

    Me me meeee!!!!
    Errmmm, 25th?


  8. Tomi says:

    Can I please have January 15th. Thanks


  9. Bankole says:

    I want 16th please.


  10. Nike says:

    Hello. January 23rd?


  11. Nike says:

    I just said 23rd but 28th January is significant; if I could have it. Otherwise 23rd is good enough.


  12. mcnierdy says:

    Is the 11th still available?


  13. Can I have Day 29?


  14. Alright then. Day 30 🙂


  15. Kathy Esan says:

    Hello, Please can I get the 13th.? Plssss. Thank you


  16. mobolaaji says:

    Can i have day 17? I hope I’m not too late.


  17. Fran says:

    Ola, day 20???


  18. Sha-Sha says:

    Is Jan 22nd sill open?


  19. eskay says:

    Ohh wow. Sounds really cool.I want any available date pls.


  20. daradeedah says:

    Hiiii.. Day 27 please?


  21. omotooke says:

    I want. Can I? Pretty please? January 16


  22. omotooke says:

    Or any free day


  23. Omosayo says:

    I’m interested. January 19, please…


  24. Hi,

    I’d like January 18/19. Thank you


  25. Avril says:

    Beautiful Idea. I would like the 12th of January if it’s available. Thanks…


  26. barakatsheriff says:

    Is day 28 available?


  27. Osisiye says:


    Day 15 or any free day please



  28. Tee says:

    Any free day please, thank you!


  29. Genny says:

    Please can I have the last day of January. Thank you.


  30. consigliere says:

    Hello, can I get the slot for day 12? Thank you.


  31. Consigliere says:

    Day 9 ? Please? Thanks!


  32. Comment still didn’t show up..just trying this again
    Is there still slots left? January 11th okay?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you.
    Email –


  33. Oh, just saw that days 2-9 left? Is it still available? Day 9 okay?


  34. The Eccentric says:

    Hi, am I still on for the 9th?.


  35. Oluwapelumi says:

    Please, is there still a free day?


  36. yevandy says:

    Hey Ola.. when and how do we send the “articles” in.
    i think i missed that.


  37. missaduke says:

    30th January Please?… 🙂


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