2014: The Review

As has become tradition, I did a review of last year on Efe’s (@hl_blue) site, which is no longer a wordpress blog but now, stories.ng

Which is why I’m not reblogging this, but rather posting it.

Please enjoy…


2014 has been amazing.

That’s it, my review  is done. We can now call it a day.

Okay okay… I’ll continue, but only because you asked nicely…

My mind is so jumbled up right now, for two reasons:

1. It’s 8.05pm on the 31st December, 2015 and I’ve been writing all four of the paragraphs above for the past 3 hours. So now, I’m in that place where I’m pressured to put down only the most vital things in the least possible time and get this done with.

2. All of those 3 hours, I’ve been furiously busy doing a million and one things at the same time, including this. As I was going about several businesses, my mind kept trying to breeze through the year and pick up the high and low points and the milestones… it couldn’t.

For two reasons:

1. I’ve got an issue with storing memories. I’m great at storing inspiration, feelings, nostalgia even; but recalling a clear picture of things I’ve experienced, heard, see, places I’ve been, people I’ve met… those don’t come as easily. The best example of this is books and movies, two things I’m greatly passionate about. I’ll recall exactly how a book or movie made me feel, the plot, how highly or low I rated it immediately afterwards; but I wouldn’t remember the details. I wouldn’t remember whole scenes. Who said what would be completely gone from my memory within days. It’s just the way it is.

2. The second and more important reason I don’t really remember the great or lousy things about 2014 is that, generally, it hasn’t really been that remarkable. However, it’s been one heck of a year end. Glorious!

And this because two things in particular happened:

1. Love happened. Now, I’ve had a one kind year in that regard in that I’d been loving several people in several capacities all year long. I just couldn’t fully commit to any of them for varying reasons. However, in November, almost like magic, stuff happened really fast and really undeniably magically with this one person. And that was that. Several hearts got broken in the process. People were hurt. And I feel terribly sorry about that. But a choice had to be made on my part and I’m really happy with it, despite all the sadness elsewhere.

2. TheDisConnect happened. As an artist, one is always looking for an opportunity to showcase one’s creativity. One project is concluded and the next is already in conception or even development stages. When one’s talents of light are still under a bushel, they’re looking for a way to uncover it and let it shine let it shine let it shine. In September, it occurred to me that I would be turning 30 in December and seeing how it is a milestone of some importance, I realized I needed to do something tangible, yet memorable. I wanted to say something, start something else… become someone. So I had the idea to stage an exhibition. And I did.

In two ways:

1. There was a traditional, live, exhibition which held at my friend’s gallery in Yaba, Lagos. It opened on the 13th of December and it was well attended and a roaring success. I fee gratefoo, I fee foofeed. This one event probably marked the brightest highlight of my entire year. It was the coming together of a full year’s worth of work. It was beautiful.

It IS beautiful.

2. In only a few hours now, all of that work comes to my very own online space, another reason I feel fulfilled.

olatoxic.com is live!

And there, #theDisConnect comes to berth online. For now and for a little while, the site shall be all about this collection of work, which erupts at noon on the 1st of January. Afterwards? I don’t know what exactly, but the possibilities are endless and I’m at least sure that all my various forms of artistic expression will be showcased in that space.

This leads me to two announcements about existing online spaces:

1. I readopt ‘olatoxic’ on twitter and on instagram going forward. I love my present handle but it is time to stick to one distinct identity. On facebook, I shall continue to use my government name. I also have the rights to olatokunbo.com, which presently redirects you to olatoxic.com so that works perfectly :p I shall not be suffering from aunty Linda Ikeji’s predicaments from a few months ago. Lawl.

2. My blog, Nostalgic Words of Future Me, which can be found at olatoxic.wordpress.com, will not migrate just yet. Whether it will in the future, I cannot ascertain at this time.

However, seeing as it is still where it is, it is where two things shall continue to occur:

1. I shall continue to write a variety of things on there. Chiefly opinion, fiction and poetry.

2. Also, #30DaysOfHope shall be holding there all of January 2015. Interesting tale about that. I began that project 3yrs ago after receiving inspiration from this very challenge I’m undergoing now. Where this challenge involves reflecting upon the ending year, 30 Days of Hope challenges guests to pen down their hopes, goals, dreams and aspirations for the blossoming year.

You’re invited to learn more about #3oDaysOfHope and sign up for a slot here