Day 1: Lade

The first time I did #30DaysOfHope, I got a “job” and became friends with an awesome person. This thing has been good for me.

2014 was an exciting and eventful year for me. I started university – Unilag, Psychology. I started working. I met Bez and Wana Wana. I met Kemi Adetiba, Cheta and Chude. I volunteered with StandToEndRape. I was in the same room with Governor Fashola at one point. I was invited to join the organising team for TEDxUnilag. I received emails from strangers saying I inspire and motivate them. I made awesome friends. I expanded my circles. I went out a lot. I helped organise TPL3. I became part of amazing teams. I started (and didn’t finish) three Cousera courses. I read about 80 books (less than in 2013). I met a psychiatrist that I might be working with this year. I contributed to thehobbingpost. I bought a lot of books. I turned 18. I had my heart broken. I found someone special.

2015 looks even more exciting and eventful.

I’m very excited about this year. I have a number of projects planned.

I’m starting a YouTube series with someone I met off twitter. We were supposed to start shooting from Saturday, but camera plans fell through. So, that’s on hold for now.

I’m working on a book exchange service called BookBarterNG. – we’re still working on the website.

I’m also working on a service that connects volunteers with NGOs. I bought the domain name and set up a landing

I hope to launch these two by March.

I’m planning a TEDx event in Unilag with a great team of people. We’re all excited about this. Our speaker lineup is awesome. We’re looking at March 20th.

I’m also a part of – a platform for the appreciation of Africa and art. We’re showcasing diverse African cultures through art.

I’m working on another book thing I can’t talk about yet. Just look out.

I still don’t have a clear plan of what I’m doing with my life, but the path is becoming easier to see. My psychology degree isn’t “just because.” I’m actually planning on using it.

I hope my relationship with God gets better this year. I’m going to try to pray and read my bible waaaaay more than I did last year.

I want to worry less. About my plans. About school. About my projects. About my relationships. About *the* relationship.

I want to listen more. Read more. Become more at peace with myself. Manage money better, so I’m not wondering where all my money is going to. I’m going to *try* to wear makeup more often. And buy clothes that are not dashiki.

I want to eat healthier. Exercise more so that when I go to CC Hub, I’m not gasping for air by the time I reach the top. Also, to unlock and activate beach body.

I want to learn to code. I’m taking classes on Codecademy. I want to build an app.

I’m going to try new things. Write more poems (that may suck). Try to write stories again. Try my hand (mouth?) at spoken word.

Yeah. So these are my plans and hopes and expectations for 2015.

PS: Links above are shameless plugs. Sign up for MySadaka to receive a notification when we launch. Also, follow @BookBarterNG to know when we launch.
My DMs and email ( are always open to people who want to talk. Send me a message!

Here’s to an amazing 2015! Happy new year!!

23 comments on “Day 1: Lade

  1. oluwadunni says:

    Hayyy, a couple of my goals are in your post. You’re so visionary, it’s impressive. Happy New Year.


  2. elsieisy says:

    For you at 18, weldone!!!
    Best wishes


  3. Adekemisola says:

    If I hadn’t read your post on Efe’s blog before I met you, I’d have argued with you on your age!

    You’ve done a lot, you’re doing a lot, you’d do a lot! I’m so very proud of you…some 38 year olds haven’t dreamt of things you’ve already achieved.

    Here’s to 2015 – May your hopes and aspirations be fulfilled. Go, and excel!


  4. etana007 says:


    I want to be like you when I grow up. Haha.

    You inspire me. Lol, yes, you do. You have started well, and quite early too. Early enough to make any mistakes there might be in the pipeline, and recover quickly from them. You are already so far ahead of your peers.
    Things can only get better.

    I’m rooting for you and coding. You know you can hit me up if you need anything.


  5. mobolaaji says:

    Biko Lade, can we be friends!?! I’m so challenged!


  6. Binjo says:

    Use the CcHub elevator this year biko


  7. yevandy says:

    stumbled on your blog and didn’t believe that you just turned 18.
    the sky is your beginning dear.
    it nice that you have your projects for the year and the timelines all lined up.
    well done.


  8. Koya says:

    Very proud of you Lade.
    You’re remarkable.
    You’ll go very far.
    Godspeed x


  9. Sha-Sha says:

    You are such an amazing Young woman Lade. Truth be told, u inspire me. At 18 I was mostly bothered about wearing good clothes and applying make up. Lol.
    God bless u. And may u have a beautiful 2015. One that surpasses ur expectation.


  10. enajyte says:

    Where do I start? You are exceptional. 2015. Do greater things.


  11. Wow, ‘Lade! Is there no end to your awesomeness? I pray God blesses your plans and brings them to pass according to His Will. Now following @BookBarterNG!


  12. Oh snap! You read 80 books in a year?! You have my unconditional respect already man!


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