Day 3: Dekemisola

My name is Adekemisola and the only thing you’re not permitted to call me is “Kemi”, feel free to have your pick of other remixes.

Let’s go straight to the point. In 2014, I didn’t have any clear list of goals to achieve (actually, I never have) but I had some vague things to do in my mind.
I wanted another job, I got in a very interesting manner. Lesson: be careful what you confess about yourself.
It’s 2015. I’m 28 today and I have a few things to achieve this year. Let’s start with the seemingly unserious ones.
First, I will eat more and be a minimum of 65KG by 31st December 2015. Okay,let me explain. Anyone that knows me probably knows that I’ve been the same since secondary school! Don’t get me wrong, I love how I look. I love that I can wake up at 2AM, eat pounded yam and still sleep well. I love that I can have ice cream anytime I want without having to hit the gym. But I found that I was underweight for my height sometime in 2014. I love the idea of food but really can’t get myself to eat enough. So, this is my year of lemming tight!

Secondly, I decided to do 60 side-pushups daily. There’s nothing sexier than ladylike abs on a slim chic! Yeah! And bath twice daily (I’m sorry!)… I just somehow skip evening baths most times but so far in 2015, I’m doing good.

Ehen! To the more life changing ones. I decided to make sure I complete two professional trainings this year (after dropping out of plenty coursera courses). See ehn, the Nigerian system and work schedule can make one forget certain things. You will just wake up one day and bam! you’re 59. Unilag has frustraed my attempt at a part time MSc degree, I’ve been on that P since 2011, finally finished coursework in 2014 after 3 ASUU strikes, then my supervisor decided to mess with himself. Long story short, I’m moving on. If I make grad, fine; if not, fine. I’ve registered for my first training and that starts in March, I’m really looking forward to that!

I plan to visit at least four countries outside Africa. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve not been out of this country (because Ghana and the Republic of Benin are not my idea of ‘abroad’).
I intend to expand my online store (Please, order your perfumes here). God bless you!

I need a better job too. Yes, I changed jobs last year but I’ve come to realise that my destiny is literally in my hands…so, yeah.

I always say I’m not a patient person, I snap at the littlest things. This year is for personal development in patience, understanding (and long suffering). But that doesn’t mean I will take unnecessary BS from anyone sha.
I met some amazing people on Twitter last year, majority have proven to be good friends. This year, I’d be open to better and beneficial relationships. See, if you’re not serving a purpose in someone’s life (and vice versa), you guys have no business being “friends”. Friendship is more than having someone to hangout with. My door is open to the people who want to be in my life but I’m not going to drag anyone in.

I have to have a better relationship with God. This is a must. Even if I don’t achieve any other thing. I have to make conscious efforts to pray more and know how God speaks to me. And I will not skip my tithes (somebody scream amen?!)

I signed up on a social networking site for writers on January 1st. I will make sure I write something everyday of this year, no matter how dumb it may feel at the time of posting. Watchword – learn to write by actually writing.

I intend to read more too. Guys, your best asset is your mind…never stop improving it.

Pretty much, those are my goals for this year. I hope to come back and tell you I achieved everything. And last, I will avoid boy-drama with all my might. So help me God.

Cheers to 2015!!! May our goals be achieved. Let’s go excel!

18 comments on “Day 3: Dekemisola

  1. tunrie_ says:

    Misola, I hope all your dreams for this year come true. And when you feel your strength waning, God will restore.. Bonne annee! 🙂


  2. eskay says:

    Ermm,thought I was day 3?


    • 0latoxic says:

      Oh my, so sorry. I made an error putting you down. Didn’t receive your entry as agreed though. When can you send it in? Perhaps we can have you up tomorrow… 🙂


  3. Mz C-me says:

    Just curious, If I want to write for a day what do I do?


  4. Vunderkind says:

    Looks like a busy 2015 for you. Godspeed, Dekemisola.


  5. enajyte says:

    Amen to the tithes. Amen to bathing twice a day (I’m so glad I’m not alone. Lol). Amen to friendships. Amen to writing. Amen to no boy-drama.

    “See, if you’re not serving a purpose in someone’s life (and vice versa), you guys have no business being “friends”. Friendship is more than having someone to hangout with.” <—– This!



  6. Adekemisola says:

    Thanks, Enajyte…for the plenty amens. LOL!


  7. Adekemisola says:

    Reblogged this on adekemisola! and commented:
    This is my write-up for OlaToxic’s 30 Days of Hope. Enjoy!


  8. zifahblogs says:

    All the best with your goals, KEMI!


  9. Gwaren says:

    Well done Dekemisola! You do us proud. Found myself nodding YES! at some of your…. errr…you know 😉 I won’t say which though. lol.


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