Day 4: Jyte

Hello, ladies, gentlemen and humans trying to figure out this pot of beans life like I am. Welcome to my 2015 goals/plans/aspirations/etc etc.

My name is Jite and I have accepted the fact that I’ll never be cool. Still, there are people who love me and have faith in me and expect me to do great things. Scary shit.

At the end of last year, taking stock (in bits and pieces) I realised more than anything, I need to work on my relationship with God. That takes priority for me this year. Get back to fellowship and ministry work and paying tithe and getting my church groove back on.

There’s rarely been a time I was juggling less than five interests. I’ve been told to concentrate on one thing, be really good at it, not to spread myself too thin. I have however found that my attention span does not allow me fixate on any one thing for too long. I only have so much time so I’ll be giving up graphics and fine tuning my interest in handmade jewelry using scrap metal, wood, shells and ankara. I’m very excited about this. I love working with my hands. I had forgotten how much.

I’ll also take sewing classes. Just enough to learn how to ‘match’ machine and basic skills.

I was teaching myself to play the guitar last year. I intend to get good enough to play Jason Mraz’s ‘I’m Yours’. It was the reason I started learning in the first place.

I’m starting a YouTube series with someone I met off twitter. Getting everything together so we start shooting this month. This means I have to get serious with my video editing.

I love movies and for a long time I was very derisive of Nollywood. That changed a couple years ago when I decided if I couldn’t do better I had better shut up. I did a couple of short film scripts in my last job. Only one was produced. I’m currently working on my first full length film script.

I’m becoming a published writer this year. Two of my stories will be coming out in two anthologies. I finally figured out how to write stories longer than 500 words. Hallelu!

My writing goal for this year is to send a short story to every literary magazine and at the end of the year have enough stories to put a collection together. And write every day.

I won’t get my heart broken.

My relationship with the Captain has always been one kind. I saw him over the holidays and I realized be as e be, he’s my father and I love him. Going to strengthen that relationship this year.

Because of some sour experiences last year I stepped away from working with young people. This year I’ll get back into that. I’ll be glad to work with existing organizations.

My hair has finally reached one packing. I shall retouch it. This natural hair life is not for me.

I never make travel goals because I’m a Johnny Walker by nature. Whether I plan or not, I will travel. I do hope I can get a couple of people to join me in a West African road tour this year.

I had a cassava farm last year. Had, because I have not seen one naira from the farm proceeds. Story just plenty. (Don’t do business with family). If I can find someone trustworthy I’ll farm a bigger piece of land this year. Else, agric will have to wait.

Sending my applications for an MFA. I don’t like school much. But, I need an MFA.

Read a lot. Not like I have a choice in that one sha but I have decided to concentrate on the classics and poetry this year. Short stories as well. No blog series for me.

Save. Save. Save. Money oh.

I am going to end this like this.

Ps: Is there anywhere in Lagos where one can get used furniture? The older the better.

20 comments on “Day 4: Jyte

  1. Niro says:

    Yaaaay. Here’s to an awesome 2015

    I love the West African tour part!!! Would love that too


  2. eskay says:

    Interested in the road tour!! Free till May, so holla


  3. interested in the road tour too. very interesting read. i wish u the best


  4. Yay! A road tour!!
    Def interested..hopefully I will be free 🙂

    I laughed out loud at “natural hair life isn’t for me”, Looools.Jite!

    Cheers to your dreams, may they come true…


  5. mcnierdy says:

    Hurray for road tours. Also, can we get a link to the Youtube channel you’ll be doing the series on? I’m excited for that because I’m really into Youtube these days.


  6. Congrats on the hair! I know how annoying natural hair can be…especially if its one like the forest I have on my head. From the little read here,you seem cool enough tho.
    All the best!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Jyte!!! Never interacted closely with you, but from my stalking, I know you are a fab somborry, one of the striking hues God put on earth to color our world. I’m rooting for you and your 2015. May the seasons she’s got be progressively resplendent!



  8. Vunderkind says:

    So…you sure Captain isn’t my dad, lowks? You sure we ain’t siblings, lowks?

    Happy New Year, Jyte.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Interested in the West African Road trip idea.

    Liked by 1 person

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