Dusk 5: Funmi O

Once again, it is the season of resolutions and renewed gym memberships. Yes y’all. Happy new year. I have to confess that I am a bit of a cynic when it comes to any kind of decision-making at the start of the year. I have always felt that if something was really urgent or important enough to change, the date on the calendar is the least of your concerns.

However, I will admit that a new year offers a tantalising opportunity to reassess, evaluate and even reinvent ourselves. I’ll use a metaphor adopted by a former lecturer of mine. This resolution gist is like being in a library. The library itself does not give you knowledge. Instead, it offers access to information which can improve your skills if you actually use the facilities available to you. Similarly, a new year in itself does not automatically bring a new beginning. Using it as a springboard for something better could, however, be the start of something amazing.

For many of us, that “something amazing” could be a healthier lifestyle, a closer relationship with God or even a Bae in Shining Armour. We all have goals. My main hope for this year is simply to do more. Less thinking, more doing.

I have a very active imagination and I really do live a lot in my head. Ideas, dreams, analyses… They’re all swimming around in here somewhere. In 2015, I want to begin to do something with some of these ideas.  I want to begin to distil them into tangible action points and get to work. This will also involve the cruel and painful task of killing some ideas that are simply not viable. Still, I think I will be better off in the long run because the time and energy spent fixating on these thoughts is ultimately useless if they never come to fruition. It will ultimately drain me if I don’t start to prioritise. I’m not about that Inception life; can’t live on that dream within a dream P forever. This year is about being brutally honest with myself and taking action.  From business ideas to what direction I want to take my writing in, I really need to stop floating around in Dreamland and take practical steps towards where I want to be.

My finances are a key aspect of this aim since I genuinely want to build a more long-term approach into how I manage money. Can’t just be paying taxes and funding extra diamonds in Queen Lizzie’s tiara until Christ calls us home. This will involve another major step I need to take this year, which is to unlearn some myths I have constructed about myself. Sometimes we build narratives in our mind of who we are and what we can/cannot do. We imprison ourselves, under the guise of being self-aware. I am tired of it. As long as I can read and learn, I can pick up new skills so I will make a conscious effort to be more financially literate this year. A nice little investment portfolio and forward-looking savings plan with a small Celine bag thrown in never hurt anyone.

Last year, I learned a lot about myself. The learning curve wasn’t always fun but it was invaluable. I look forward to more self-discovery in 2015. I honestly wish you all the same because there is truly nothing like really knowing yourself. It might require passing through unsavoury situations to really get to grips with the your essence as a person but getting to know who you are and what you stand for is ultimately one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. The depth and gravity of that kind of unshakeable knowledge simply insulates you from unnecessary bullshit like nothing else. It just prevents you from engaging in things you already know will disturb your peace. Trust me.

Once again, happy new year, everyone. I would love to hear your take on 2015 and your expectations for the new year. I’m @arinola91 on Twitter and I sometimes continue my rants on thenakedconvos.com. Don’t be a stranger.

4 comments on “Dusk 5: Funmi O

  1. KerryTosan says:

    Hi Funmi O. Way to go!


  2. enajyte says:

    This is so well constructed. Not a word out of place.

    With an active imagination and the tidy mind revealed here, you’re definitely one to watch. Happy New Year.


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