Day 7: Yemi


That’s the one reason why all my voiced opinions and actions will be subjected to an unprecedented amount of scrutiny before uttered or performed; reason being that I had a sincere confrontation with one of my favorite people on the 27th of December 2014, and of all the things she said that hurt, she called me pretentious!

Me? A whole me? Pretentious? Tufiakwa! Regardless, I took her opinion under advisement and I will try my absolute best not to border on the verge of my fleeting interests (I am the jack of all trades type of guy) that seems to mark me as pretentious.

Let me start by saying this year is going to be great, Heaven on earth kind of great, because it pleases my Lord to see me do well. I don’t know how it will end, but I am sure I will be happy at the end of it all despite my irrational fear of getting older. I was born a happy child and I really want to be young forever.

Finishing school and growing older has really helped me to put things into perspective. For once I know the direction I want my life to head in. The kind of businesses to do, the people to follow, discussions to partake in, spouse to marry, interests to indulge in, skills to hone. I am not quite yet there, in fact I am still far away but I am sure I am on the right path and not an inch further away. All of a sudden it just feels like there are never quite enough hours in the day, regardless I will still view time as a human construct to save my sanity from the tyrannies of unaccomplished goals by set dates.

So these are the three things I am going to be doing this year, every other thing is secondary:

1. Vote out GEJ. I am tired of his incompetency and his mismanagement of Nigeria’s economy that has plunged us into austere times. He has really forced his shoeless childhood on a majority of us, and I know where it pinches. The irony!

So to those out there with conflicted interests, this is me campaigning for the general and the Professor. It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white as long as it kills mice. We live in a democracy, and if you don’t like the cat in 4 years you can always get a new one, cause this present cat is a witchy witchy (not the kind for Jesus).

2. Tell Ife, a girl I met at NYSC camp last year, how I truly feel about her, that’s if the feeling persists through to June. I think I like her more than I should.

3. Launch Pinforest, an internet company. I have really put in a lot of work into it in the previous year, and it would definitely require more of me this year despite my other obligations, but it’s a dream I am willing to spend my all to actualize.

Starting a company isn’t easy, it’s tiresome, sometimes frustrating and seemingly impossible, and could be an absolute pain when others don’t see the vision you see. But there are those few lucid moments you get when people are actually interested in what you are trying to do, and those big dreams don’t scare you. Those moments are pristine, and they count as all the motivation I need to push on.  I really don’t know how my plans will span out but I am praying for God to take control; he’s the only one that understands, and bit by bit my family too is beginning to understand. I just want to build something great and useful, and make everyone that cares about me proud. Then make some money too, owo se pataki gan 😀

I remember reading a story on Efe’s blog last year, it was the most resonating story I have ever gleaned from his blog. The lady who shared it mentioned the most profound thing I heard last year:

“God has a plan for everything and in different seasons. People who help are people who will, not people who can.”

And despite all the ridicule and internet memes it spurred, the second most profound thing I heard last year was:

“They tried to bury us, they did not know we were seeds.”

It’s on the back of these 2 resolutions that I will be going into this new year, and come out at the end of it happy regardless of what the year holds in store. But I am sure it would be a really great heaven on earth kind of year.

God is joy. Happy new year people!

P.s: Today is my mum’s birthday. That woman is all kinds of strong but no one ever tells her that. She’s a good mother. I will make her proud.

5 comments on “Day 7: Yemi

  1. Why do you sound like me? *sigh*…I don’t even know how to begin to explain that question. I beg your pardon. Your entry just resonates….
    God’s got you Yemi. You will enjoy such incredible human resources, that you’ll question why God loves you so. May your path be resplendent! And your momma receive overwhelming honour and blessings!


  2. enajyte says:

    And Ife won’t read this? You’ll just tension the poor girl.

    All the best with starting your company. It’s ain’t beans. Surround yourself with only the most dedicated people, when the time for staff comes.


    Liked by 1 person

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