Day 8: Tee

So here I am at 2am wondering why I signed up for this 30 days of hope thingie. Lol. Well, I decided to comment on olatoxic’s post on his blog, which I got from his post on hl_blue’s website. I revisited my comment only to realise I’ve been given a date. Well, new year, new things, no? I might as well hone my writing skills.

2014 was a great year, though it ended on a very funny note. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Lol enough said on that. Ok, so goals/aspirations/hopes for 2015.
1. To be more deliberate about the people around me. I’m really really horrible at keeping in touch with people. Some people just pop out of my mind and I never remember to buzz or call them. So my goal should be check on at least 5 ‘random’ people from my past in a month.
2. Be settled career wise. I have read all the book there is to read now so it’s time to practicalize it and get some good work ethics while I’m at it. I’m really trusting God for the right career path this year.
3. Be involved in some innovative activities, read more and pick up new hobbies/side businesses. I also want to be involved in charitable/community development /mentorship activities. If you are interested in collaboration, please hit me up! Tenz and God bless.
I must also learn how to sew, registered for a sewing course already, up next, my sewing machine.
4. I hope that true, godly love finds me this year 😀 #enoughsaid
5. I hope to do some traveling to some exotic places this year.
6. I would love to start my own blog, do some more writing. I’ve already set up the blog, need to start putting up some content.
7. Be less addicted to social media and do some more productive work and less procrastination.
8. To meet more inspirational youths.
In all things this year, I want to be walking step by step, in tandem, with God’s will for my life. It really takes a lot of trust to walk with God especially when you literally can’t see the next step. But hey, if I don’t trust God, who will I trust?
Have a fantastic 2015 people! Feel free to follow me on Twitter @sparkletweetee.

3 comments on “Day 8: Tee

  1. enajyte says:

    See everything you’ve read in books? Forget it. Trust yourself. You’ll learn and grow faster if you’re not following a formula.

    I see so many plans similar to mine. 🙂

    Have a fulfilling 2015. Cheers.


  2. sparkletiti says:

    Thank you Jyte! Amen! Wishing you a beatiful 2015 too!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. hrh7 says:

    Lovely review. I pray you achieve everything you’ve set your mind to. And that God helps you. What’s your blog name btw?


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