Dusk 10: Yomah

Happy new year guysssssssss. Haha it’s 2015, can you believe it? Ugh I’ve started tearing up and I haven’t even gone halfway. Okay guys as usual I’ll start with a review of 2014.

At the beginning of the year, I wrote here and I was so depressed I didn’t even know what to hope for. I mean I did, but I was too scared to even voice out my hopes for fear that I’ll jinx them. I just told GOD I want to celebrate. During crossover service, it came to me while I was praying that the year, would be my year of celebration and I keyed into it (sniffs and pauses to wipe tears).

And 2014, I celebrated. Boy I celebrated. These tears? Are tears of immense joy.
First celebration, I was in final year and I was caught with my phone, at the beginning of the semester and the devil tried it. Oh he actually tried it. Basically the case was forgotten until two weeks to exam and one week to project defense and gbam! Suspension letter for four weeks. Ha. Ha. Ha. That would mean auto extra year, see devil? But my GOD is greater than. And I mean that. HE is so Great I’m sure HE laughed and said this my daughter? Not this one o. Long story short, I was called back the week before exam, and project defense was moved back. So I defended on the deadline day, and it went great, I also wrote my exams. GOD: 1, Satan:0.
Second celebration, Ogheneyoma was delivered from depression. Now this is a really big one, if you knew me, before this year, or early in the year, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. I was so depressed, and not the normal Twitter depression we all see these days. It was terrible. I would cry myself to sleep, in fact crying was a daily experience. I would blank out in the midst of people and just start crying. Look I was miserable. You don’t even know. Some people on my TL were so worried about me. Because the depression was real. And one faithful day, in church service I think during the Easter programme in school, I thanked GOD, you know that kind of thanksgiving that David did, I think it was that type. And during the service, depression vanished. I don’t understand it too but it did. And I was free. I felt joy. Not happiness, joy. And I haven’t cried for anything since then. Well except movies and tears of joy of course. And I’m so thankful for this. Big celebration if you ask me o.
Third celebration, Yomz graduated. Look if you know me and all the challenges I faced in that school, you’ll understand why this is such a big celebration. Asin Yomah, Ogheneyoma, a graduate, hayyyyy. Look at GOD o. Look ehn HE can never fail. Never ever! If HE starts a thing, best believe HE will complete it. Just believe. When I wrote my exams ehn, I blanked in one, wrote rubbish in another, look ehn, I had doubts. Then the unreleased results from the previous semester because of attendance. Hay GOD, YOU are too much. But results came, I passed every thing. Every single thing. Ha! My name came out in the first graduation list, you don’t get it o. The first one. Of people that don’t have any issue whatsoever. Hmm! My GOD is awesome o. Too good.
I’ll stop there, but you get my point, I celebrated, big things, little victories I didn’t mention. Look ehn I celebrated and I thank GOD everyday for it. Ese Adupe BABA!
On to 2015, innit?
This year, I’m content and in a good place. This year I’m thankful. So I didn’t really ask GOD for much. I have hopes and dreams tho. I hope that this year, there’ll be beautiful beginnings. Of great things. For me and you of course. I hope also for fulfillment. I hope that GOD blesses the things he has started and makes my celebrations permanent. I hope that this year is even better than 2014. I hope that I birth beautiful things this year. I hope that my friends graduate and family and friends celebrate and are blessed this year. I hope that HE does more and more and more so that I can give more and more and more and more testimonies. And I hope that I continue to celebrate and smile and laugh from my heart.
To 2014, I say bye, and to 2015 I say to you, you are my year of beautiful beginnings and fulfillment. Welcome my dear. Welcome.

6 comments on “Dusk 10: Yomah

  1. Bless your heart Yomah!

    Reading this made me happy :d. May 2015 bring you so much more. Cheers


  2. enajyte says:

    Ogheneyoma. God is indeed good.

    Beautiful 2015. Shalom.


  3. Ogedengbe Faith says:

    Awww, God is always faithful. I remember when you shared your testimony with me on the bus. I’m positive you won’t have a better last year. God bless!


  4. preshy says:

    i’m soo happy for you…Where you are right now is a lott of people’s prayer points…
    i hope this year is awesomer


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