Dusk 12: Kofo


Theme for last year. And my hope was not denied.

2014 ended on a pretty good note. I got a job then got a better job after waiting for almost 10 months. Paid off debt. Sorted out issues with my family and started my journey back towards God

So what do I want from 2015?

Peace of mind. I realised that you can’t function properly without it. So I will pursue it relentlessly. Even if it means letting go of somethings or some people.

I pray to expand my photography business in 2015. More wedding, fashion and lifestyle shoots. If you need a photoshoot hola at me kofobiz@gmail.com I’ll give you a good price 😉

I am going to save. And save. AND SAVE. Looking at putting money into mutual funds too. Gats prep for the future n shii. I’m not getting any younger.

To keep walking right with God. I’ve always struggled with this but I believe this is the year I will take my walk with God to a higher level. 2014 made me realise that all I have or will get comes through Him; might as well walk where He leads.

I will be staying true to my fitness lifestyle. To that effect I’ve signed up for two fitness competitions :D. Hopefully I will win. If I don’t, then my body will look far better in 12 weeks than it does now.

I also hope to be closer to my family. They tend to vex me a lot and many times I’ve wondered if I could get away with murder but they are the family I have. So deal with them I must. Sigh. God gimme strength.

On the other hand, I will not waste time on relationships that are draining. I will nurture those that bring beauty to my life.

My theme for this year is Discipline. To apply it to everything I do. In every commitment I make and path I tread. So help me God.

*raises glass of Henny+Coke* here’s to a great 2015!

One comment on “Dusk 12: Kofo

  1. sisisingele says:

    Hey TeddyBoo,

    I pray you achieve all your set goals and more, this year.



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