Day 13: Tomi

The decision to write my hopes and dreams for 2015 on this blog was a spontaneous one, I don’t know what came over me (I still don’t) considering I am a very private person. I almost backed out but here I am so I guess I didnt.

2014 was a good year; I lived and laughed with friends and family, I became a legal citizen *woohoo* I went back to my first love (reading), I did the school thing, began and finished my research project*booyah*. There were some disappointments especially towards the end, some sad times, lonely times, hard times but I am grateful that me, my family, my friends and their families are alive and well .

All in all it was a good year but something was missing (God had stopped being my priority). I didn’t like it yet I made no conscious effort to do anything about it in 2014. I wonder why He loves me so much even in my disbelief and unfaithfulness He’s been faithful, He still is.

So in 2015, I will spend quality time with Him, make Him my priority, let Him lead me, stop leaning on my own understanding and take back my place as one of his Children. In 2015 I will let God be the centre of it all

According to the pessimists out there 2015 promises to be a brutal, unsafe and chaotic year in Nigeria. I really hope this isnt the case. My hope for Nigeria is that we get to pick whoever is to lead the country and that our right to choose isn’t taken away from us by the ‘Godfathers’ who run this country behind the scenes. I also hope there isnt any more ethnic, religious or political bloodshed.

In 2014, I saw my juniors in school graduate before me and I finished my 5th year in medical school, now I await the beginning of my final year. The goal was to be a certifed doctor by the end of 2015 but thanks to Uncle Jona, his friends and the numerous strikes that plagued the health sector it might be pushed to the early part of 2016. Nevertheless in 2015 I want and need to read more cos I think the scariest part of being a doctor is making a bad decision concerning someone’s life. I also hope I transition easily from being a student to a doctor (so help me God).

2014 taught me a lot about myself, I learnt that I could do anything I set out to do if I got past the shyness, I didn’t do as much as I would have liked to do but we (me, myself and I) are working on doing more this year. I also learnt to be happy single, its the best feeling in the world when you know that your happiness isn’t based on another human being. So till the boo comes we will continue to be happy

2014 brought a whole lot of acquaintances. Although I didn’t make a lot of new friends I hope this new year brings new friends especially male friends, it’s not like I don’t like my female friends but there is way too much oestrogen in my life right now. Right at the end of 2014, it seemed everybody’s favourite question was ‘when are you getting married?’ it’s like they do not realise how annoying this question is especially when you are still as young as I am. Since I refuse to be tensioned into something I’m not ready for and as the good yoruba girl that I am I will continue to smile at them and wonder why they haven’t asked their 35 year old nieces and daughters the same question.

I hope to take time out to enjoy life, smell the roses, satisfy my curiosity and wanderlust, be young and free. Most of all I hope and pray for peace of mind in 2015, I know that storms of life will come and I hope that when they do I can still dance in the rain.

Happy new year!!! I hope y’all have peace, joy happiness and love, I know I will

2 comments on “Day 13: Tomi

  1. eskay says:

    Being a doctor(esp an intern) is basically an apprenticeship, you can’t suck at it except…you suck(and I don’t think u do)
    Have a splendid 2015 and may it be your best year yet

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hrh7 says:

    I admire the fact that you want to read more. And it’s totally true, making decisions about other people’s lives is not something to be taken lightly.
    Exercise your faith, you just might wear that lab coat and take the Hippocratic Oath this 2015.
    Congratulations in advance.


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