Dusk 13: Uche

I could sing unending songs of how You saved my soul;
Oh, I could dance a thousand miles, because of Your great love.

In 2014,
– I went from failing in school to achieving Outstanding academic performance of the year.

– I went from being a wallflower to someone invited to represent my school in conferences.

– I asked God for a life partner for Mama… she’s getting married this year.

– The General Overseer of the RCCG singled me out and prayed for only me amidst thousands… That I will never know loneliness for the rest of my life.

– A month later, David happened.
I still have the most amazing people in my life sans Grandpa (Sleep well, Papa)

This Year, my Father has promised, yet again, to intricately weave the most amazing moments of my life; each year more overwhelming than the last.

I don’t want to have to apologise for anything I could have/should have done, but didn’t do.

I will build my first self-controlled robot mouse!

I will be more involved with the happenings in Nigeria.

I will intern at General Electric in the summer.

No roasting on Valentine’s Day… or on my birthday or any other day your partner is supposed to make special.

So, bring it on 2015. We have come prepared!

… May your road be rough.

One comment on “Dusk 13: Uche

  1. hrh7 says:

    Interesting. Concise. I like so much of this post. But no, my road will not be rough. I refuse that.


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