Day 14: Xela

Ladies and gentlemen, it is going to be a very exciting 2015. With this statement of the obvious I might as well end this entry and go back to my regularly unscheduled life, but I’ll go just a bit further.

Nothing beats sitting down with partners on Christmas day till the evening of boxing day, dining on nothing but biscuits, yoghurts, stout vodka and Ijebu garri and groundnuts in no particular order or mix because our host’s wife was enjoying the holidays with her family as we planned all the projects we intended to undertake for 2015. So I’ve gotten my 2015 planned out on that level. Back to the things I’d like to get done in 2015.

I’d like to fully launch the Film Project Community in the first quarter. Basically it’s a way to ensure going forward that filmmakers themselves reap from the proceeds of their film, providing post production and film distribution services for viable projects we decide to work on in collaboration with the filmmakers. There’s a tirade on who really makes the money off films whether distributed in cinemas or direct to DVD but yeah if you’re a filmmaker you already know, if you’re aspiring to go beyond your YouTube skits and shorts well I’m glad you’re being blindsided with this gloomy reality. Thanks to Africa Ukoh and Ayomi Dotun who are lighting the fire under my lazy behind, we’ll get it done!

I plan to shoot my first short too. The script has morphed dramatically as I keep writing because after all the scripts I’ve critiqued and rewritten I don’t want someone to read mine or watch the finished work and wonder “why did the protagonist not do X and Y?” I directed and produced web content last year alongside @pixelmorph2 – who decided to greet me happy new year by the tenth of January, kai- was an assistant director on a feature last year, so I’m logically looking to step it up a few notches this time.

This year, I plan to remain a nerd, constantly creating metaphors comparing life to various post production stages or computer processes. Like this: obstacles in life are more like dllhost.exe processes, they stop you from working, but you don’t format your system solely because of that, you end the process in your task manager and clear the registry error. Or this: Life is not fair, color grade it! Or: that moment when you go through Davinci resolve and your RAW images are graded to reveal their truest, brightest colors is just around the corner, hold on. You get the general idea right? Moving on.

I intend to either stay off Social media a lot or use it more productively this year. I plan to break this rule and tweet bants when I have to endure long drives with unpleasant conductors and horrible traffic and whenever I happen to be executing long renders and video export sessions. Can’t be sitting in front of my computer staring idly at my system while it does the work.

This year, I plan to go back to learning a thing or two about dance, women’s fashion and make up so the girlfriend and I can have conversations that go both ways, seeing as she already picks up on my filmmaker jargon. Hopefully said relationship survives that far, because how can anyone tolerate me, really? When it’s not work.

I plan to communicate more, with clients. Family I tell too much already, so…

This year I plan to travel. As a result of many things actually but putting it here like it’s not work related made me seem adventurous, yes, no?

This year I plan to actively take up a cause, Whether it’s in church or with some interesting ambitious young people like myself (in another three years I doubt I’d be able to comfortably refer to myself as young but that’s just me being prematurely old and stuff). The cynic in me has to give way for the optimist to believe that this country and it’s youth are worth saving some how and can actually be saved.

This year I plan to make a bullion van full of valuable currency! Yes, I had to state it like that, so that when the bullion van comes it won’t be laden with one naira coins or devalued naira notes (God Forbid!) or even worse, Zimbabwean dollars, of the lowest denomination!(even if they’ve knocked off a couple zeros in reevaluation)

This year I plan to not disappoint people that matter, friends, family, colleagues, bae (Bae is the Almighty O, girlfriend better recognize this)

This year, I plan, intend, desire and will be the best version of me there ever was, that includes being better leveraged financially, being financially prudent, more calculating and decisive. Basically I plan to successfully execute everything I came into 2015 intent on realizing. Again, obstacles are those dllhost.exe processes running outside your system32 folder, and I intend to kill them all.

ps I’d have made a mac OSX comparison but Macs just work, or just crashes, so yeah, all Mac problems are fixed with a reformatting. 😂

I am @pixelmorph1 on Twitter, why aren’t you doing business with me already? 😉

6 comments on “Day 14: Xela

  1. preshy says:

    mAY you have a wonderful and fufilling year…
    Toks, can I participate in this 30 days of hope?


  2. Kathy says:

    May your 2015 be awesome.
    P.S: Can I take part in your short film. 😦


  3. Rare_rey says:

    LOL! Loved this a little too much. Loved the nerdy metaphors. They are my kind of weird.
    All the best this year. I’m sure the year will play out just as it should.


  4. pixelmorph1 says:

    wow, thanks for reading, wishing you guys a great 2015 as well. As for taking part in my short film, hit me up via Twitter @pixelmorph1 so I’ll keep you in mind, cheers!! As for the metaphors, I can only try …


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