Day 15: Bankole

Happy new year!

Happy birthday daddy. I live to make you proud of me.
Well I have typed and re-typed this post ( in my head) and my goals for the year can be seen as:
To do well in school.
I got into a college in Canada to study Human Resource Management for my postgraduate and I don’t want to just pass, I want to do excellently well. Translating that to figures I want to get an average of 80%. On average I’ve been a 70% student (because I am lazy and I do not study and do research). The change has been huge though. I’ve been in school for two weeks and the pressure is already intense. I don’t want to give up like I always do so I am pushing myself a little bit further a little bit harder. Hopefully I actually do well.
To give love a chance.
Well not now sha. The only love I can focus on is my school work. I just always feel some type of way if I don’t have a school book open even when I am not exactly studying. It’s probably just fear that’s making me like this. However I do plan to give love a chance this year. If it doesn’t give me a chance though (yes I’m subbing you because you’ll definitely read this) there’s nothing I can do about that.
To be more outgoing
I want to be aware of my environment. I am tired of not caring and not being a part of the community I am in. I really want to be the change I want to see and what better way to start than to belong to the community where you find yourself. I kinda already like where I am. It is peaceful and the pace is absolutely wonderful for me. I plan to visit a couple of cities too. Going to the Niagara falls next weekend with my school and I am excited. Got a couple of trips planned for summer that I’ve saved up for too. Hopefully it all goes well.
Those are my three major goals right now. I really hope I have a good year in a new country and that school work doesn’t drown me. I wish everyone a wonderful 2015 filled with growth and love.

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