Dusk 15: Omotooke

Ok, *testing microphone*. It works. Ok, let’s do this.
So last year, I graduated and got married.  This honeymoon thing is just on da fleek in @k10vids voice.
I have quite a few things I want to achieve in the next twelve months.
I want to get closer to God, kinda allowed myself fallout with him over the last few years, but now I want back with the Saviour.
I want to be the best wife and mum ever.
I want to go out of my cooking comfort zone.
I want to learn how to tie my own gele and do my own make up properly.
As i commence housemanship, i want to soak up all the knowledge and skills i can possibly get.
I want to know and go to more places without Google maps and getting lost.
I want to save.
I need to  save.
Did I mention that I need to save?  Oh, did that already.
I want to be very tidy and clean and a lot less lazy.
And most of all, I wanna lose 35kg. *side eye anyone who brings up the past*. New year, new slate. Shredder gang has me for this year
I’m going to adopt Phillipians 4:13 as my scripture for the year.
This year is going to be an awesome year.
See y’all at the end of the year on Efe’s blog.
Peace, hope and strawberry cheesecake.
Sorry erm… veggies not cheesecake.

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