Day 16: Mobolaji

My name is Mobolaji Olorisade. I blog at People call me Mobolaji, Bolaji, Bola(which means rubbish in Ghana where I school), Yemisi, B, Mo, Ona or Sade(from my surname which I don’t quite get). You may choose one.

I can’t really talk about 2015 without including 2014. The year 2014 was a year of many births. My relationship with God experienced a tremendous rebirth; up till then I believed in Him but I KNEW Him in 2014. My whole life (friends, thoughts, attitudes and belief) turned around because of this new relationship with God.

This was the year (2014), through God I birth FLOH initiative which is ‘For the Love of Humanity.” We’re changing name soon to focus on women and children and I’m pretty excited about our plans for this year!

And if there is anything at all I gained in 2014, it’s relationships. I made few good godly friends and gained a healthy relationship with my family; my mum and I became best of friends and my 3 elder sisters literary became my mothers. I’m still hoping my dad and I will get there.

This was the year (2014) where I also learned that you’d never know people are doing something to make this world better until you stop the blame game, join them and start doing something.

All in all, I’m grateful for 2014!

I’m so excited about this year! On the 3rd of January, FLOH initiative had our first project which was tagged “Feed the homeless people” and I can say I’d never felt so fulfilled before in my life. My friends showed up in their numbers and we reached times 2 of the number we originally had in mind. Hopefully, we’d be having bigger and better projects this year.

It’s also my goal to seek after God deliberately. I confess I can be lazy with communication but hopefully He helps me, because I’ve learned that I can’t serve or love God without His own help.

This might sound silly, but I also plan to go for my first medical checkup this year (we used to do it as a family o) but now I have to take my health serious by myself. “Oyo ni mowa.” 😀

I plan to apologize and thank more! In fact, I want this to be a mushy year. Where I tell the people I love how much I love them, because I never want a time when it’d be too late for me to do so.

I plan to take blogging (and maybe social media) more serious. I mostly blog on faith and I love how it has helped me as a person and others too!

Hopefully, I plan to take myself out this year. Yes! I’ve never gone out to chill or have fun on my own before. Also, I’d love to visit two places I’ve never been to this year. Although, I’m not an adventurous person (I cried at Kakum park in Ghana), it’d be nice to just feel adventurous.

I hope to make more friends this year, meet like-minds and hopefully find a mentor.

I better read more books and finish Old Testament this year (this one is a threat on myself), if not I’m in trouble.

I also plan to draw something every month. I can only draw cartoon characters while staring at them, and honestly I feel like a child again anytime I finish a drawing. I can’t explain it, but maybe if I had taken fine-art class serious, I might have learned to draw humans or anything from my head. I guess my own gift is only with the cartoons and it still is a great opportunity! (Haha, I remember when people used to beg me to draw the heart, lung and other diagrams for them in biology! Maybe I should have used it as business.)

Finally, I hope to intern at an NGO voluntarily during long break. How my God will provide for my transport and feeding, I don’t know. I just know He’d do it because I didn’t place this passion for development in myself, He did.

If you have ideas on NGO’s, especially on women, child trafficking and rape where I can intern (June-September) in Lagos; please do drop a comment.

I’m glad I got this date 17th because in 6 months, on the 17th I’d clock the big 2.0 and I’m so grateful for life, family and friends (and good food!) 7 means a lot to me. ^.^

Thank you for the opportunity; I’ve always been a fan. (Yimu)

3 comments on “Day 16: Mobolaji

  1. Onaedo says:

    My baby! (Whether you’re 20 or 90, you’re still my baby, and I’ld still hold your hand whenever we have to cross any roads! :p) I’m super proud of the young woman you’re becoming daily! Super PROUD! More Grace in Jesus name! As for the NGO, why not ask in Church, the Real Woman Foundation is there and I’m sure someone can hook you up with another, if not TRWF. Transport / Feeding, no be our head e dey?? *rme* no worry, we’ve Got you and God too! :***

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mobolaji! You cried at the park?? Looolsss.
    Oya, we gotta step it up this year 🙂

    I was blown away when I read about your project on your blog(couldnt comment*sigh*)
    God bless you and you bless lives and impact peeps positively…

    May your dreams come true.
    Much love sis(still on the mushy year,lol)


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