Dusk 16: Osisiye

In 2015, I want to jam a policeman or LASTMA official at least. And my hope is valid. It’s based on what has been done to me, it’s based on what has been done to others, it’s based on me adding my own support to change in Nigeria. I will do this for my hood, I will do this for my people, I will do this for every young man that has been pulled over.

Then in 2015, no, in a few weeks actually, I will put my book in the stores. Truth is I am scared. The thing with a book is you have something in mind when you are writing it. There’s a major issue you wanna talk about and there are other minor themes you use to pass your message across. But readers decide everything. And readers might not feel as deeply about certain issues as you do. What I am saying is what people read is different from what you write. I fear for the misconceptions, oversexualisations and misinterpretations that sometimes happen to every work of art.

Then in 2015, I will chill more so I don’t get to that extreme point where I feel absolutely shattered from burning the candle at both ends.

Then I hope to contribute more to society. I am an idealist and like to believe there is a higher purpose to everything I have done. That the sporadic job changes and extreme work hours have been for more than money. I really don’t know. But I know I am seeking a new challenge. I think there are developmental issues I could tackle using my skills. I feel I will get better self-satisfaction this way and would not waste the next 25 years just getting stuff, a repeat of the last 25.

I’ll have to come out – no closet. I have an avoidant personality. This means my car’s glasses are tinted, I prefer passing back roads instead of the expressway and I release my dog durig daylight hours so you don’t drop in unannounced cos you were in the area and wanted to chill. Did you see Thermocool sign on my gate? Anyways, I feel strongly on many issues and won’t be able to do it in my dark room with the blinds drawn no matter how fast the internet is. This means I need to come out publicly and get people moving.

I am like you, always bothered about family and money, but I experience tranquility when I vest my faith in an ancient belief. It makes me comes to terms with life in a way I never have. This year, I will take my walk with God more seriously.

I really don’t know man, perhaps I am being naïve in seeking for change, perhaps  I am too idealistic thinking I can be celibate for a year, perhaps I am too flighty with all my talk of a new challenge, probably jamming a policeman or LASTMA official at least won’t give me the catharsis I seek.

Let’s see sha


6 comments on “Dusk 16: Osisiye

  1. etana007 says:

    Osiiiiiii! 🙂


  2. eskay says:

    Osi,lets be friends 😐

    Liked by 1 person

  3. enajyte says:

    The idea that somewhere/some time in 2015 a policeman will be jammed, made me go 😀

    Open sesame.



  4. khreestie says:

    Loool. I want to see you jam a policeman


  5. CH! says:

    Patiently waiting for your book..


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