Day 17: Yinka

In my eyes, 2015 couldn’t have come sooner. I needed 2014 to end the moment I landed in Lagos on the 30th of November from Yola again. I thought my time there was over, but an extra summer where I only had one course to do was all the time I needed to sleep through 8 weeks in school and care less about what I was supposed to do there.

My 2014 felt like that Champions League Final between AC Milan & Liverpool, and unfortunately, I was Milan. 3 goals to the good by halftime  – acing all the courses when I didn’t put half as much effort as I put in other semester, graduating, that feeling of liberation felt when you’re done & you know it. Problem was I actually wasn’t. I had one more course to complete, but I was too exhausted to care. The second half began, and I went through my summer semester being lazy until I had to submit something, which ended up being too late so I had to go through one more semester. *sigh* I just slept my way into the same place I was dying to leave. I then had to write a 25-30 page paper, which was then disregarded in numerous defenses with my professors until they finally gave in and let me go. I spent 5 months of my life correcting what is by far my lowest low in my academic history. Those months felt like I was sleeping and waking up in slimy okra trying to move. Time felt slow & painful waiting for this to pass, and looking outside from the plane as it landed in Lagos released a certain level of euphoria, because I was finally done with school, even if I had to do it the hard way.

So 2015, what do I want?

I must open my investment portfolio in the Nigerian Stock Market. I’ve been learning how to analyze capital markets for 3-4 years and now I finally feel confident enough to operate and start becoming a full-time investor. The market isn’t in safe waters now though, but starting from numerous gifts of shares I have received growing up, at least I have an idea of whose shares I want to buy (and sell). I feel having a career in Investment gives me the versatility I desire to live my life with. I’m allowed to directly finance my dreams in a very unique and slightly unconventional way.

Right now, I’m eating at home and waiting for service but my joblessness is passing me off to no end, so a job would probably help me a lot.

Nowadays I have nothing to wake up to – if I want I could sleep for the whole day and almost no one would care, but who does that? People might say I’m supposed to cherish this free time I have but I have waaaaaaaaaaaay too much free time to enjoy. It feels like my mind is in prison and it’s making a chainsaw with miniature explosives to blast out.

Honestly, those are my two big targets this year, and there are a number of other personal development ones, like mastering Yoruba and destroying the self-made notion that language is a huge weak spot for me (Arabic & French – two languages I failed woefully at). Gaining math skills is imperative in what I plan to do, and generally plan my life better financially (on the 7th day of November 2014 I promised myself I would never be broke again. Three months in and progress has been made).

In conclusion, I hope my 2015 will be more happy, memorable, and successful than my 2014 was.

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