Dark 18: Omosayo

Then Satan whispered to him, saying “O Adam, shall I lead you to a tree of eternity and a kingdom which does not decay?”  (Qur’an 20:121)   

The above verse pretty much sums up my 2014. Having the devil lead me from one deception to another… but in this 2015, I’m wiser. I’ve learnt to stop praying for a lighter rain and instead ask for a better umbrella. Because no rain…no flowers. Towards the end of 2014, I decided to turn my life around and I’m on track. I’ve taken the major decisions I needed to take (cutting the crap, removing anything that doesn’t serve a purpose…bla bla bla) but it can get better. These are the minor but key victories I want to achieve in 2015…in no particular order.

I’ll be doing my industrial attachment in the second half of the year. I’m really excited ’cause I’ll be working full-time. I hope I get a nice place with fantastic people, as I really want those six months to be wonderful.
I saw an idea on quora about filming a random 1-second video everyday and stitching them together at the end of the year and I decided to try it this year. I’ve missed a few days already, so I’ve decided not to do it everyday. I’ll only do it on days that interesting things happen. I can’t wait to view the final result at the end of the year though. 2015 in five minutes 😀
I have a nice collection of hard-copy books that are just gathering dust in my closet. I intend to read one for every month this year.
I want to be fitter. Try on that “7-minute workout” for size. If I like it, I may eventually join a gym. I also want to try yoga. I’m not very flexible. That gasto change this year.
I also want to fast often. Maybe twice a week. I’ve learnt that the benefits far outweigh the hunger (which you eventually get used to). I’ll spend less money on junk food and save instead. I’ll end up eating healthier, as I don’t want to be fasting on chin chin. I don’t really have anything to lose (besides a little weight).
I’ve wanted to visit an orphanage for a while but I’ve kept postponing it. I really want to accomplish it this year. Visit at least two orphanages. If I’m able to do that, I’ll term 2015 a success. I’m really passionate about this.
I don’t want Jonathan to remain in power. I’m tired of him. We all are. Good people, please let’s boot him out. Thanks.
2013 was my year of transformation. I entered 2013 not knowing what I wanted to look like. I was still enjoying the young girl life. At the end of 2013, my fashion sense had developed and my transformation… complete. I was looking like a baby geh! was looking “take-away”.

2014, on the other hand, was a year of growth. I may have been looking mature but 2014 showed me I wasn’t. I GREW. Putting it in capitals doesn’t quite cut it, it was an incredible amount of growth. But growth never comes without pain. It was a lot of painful but I thank God for it. The most important part of that growth was spiritual. I used to pride myself on being innocent and godly. I made mistakes in 2014 and eventually, I learnt being godly isn’t about not making mistakes. It’s about not giving up when everything seems to be working against you. I’ve corrected my mistakes but I won’t be too hard on myself if I fail again. I’ll just learn from it and pick myself up. 

I don’t yet know how 2015 will improve me but I can’t wait.
Fingers crossed. 
Peace be upon you.

One comment on “Dark 18: Omosayo

  1. hrh7 says:

    Awesome goals. I hope you achieve each and every one of them.
    Happy New Year


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