Day 20: Lia



Everyday I wake up, GRATEFUL because GOD has filled me with the kind of inner JOY that can NEVER be taken from me… ~lia

To be completely honest, my 2014 seemed like it started from August 2013 and you know… Just rolled over.


It was because that was the very month where all my perfectly laid plans shattered, right before my very eyes. After a while, I saw it coming, always knew it could happen, does happen, but just never thought it would happen to ME… sigh (Student Visa application DENIED). Huh? What?…. How? Why? Didn’t I literally JUST finish spending 5 years in yankee? Sorry Sir, there must be some mistake… Yes? Wrong!

Finally experienced first hand what a couple of days before, I had only heard about. Anyone who has a “control freak” issue will understand how this can completely disorient a person *deep breath*

As a good little soldier, I sucked it in, showed no emotion, put on my brave face and kept on … going. Hey, at least baby girl still had plan B and C and thankfully, knew that everything worked (works) in God’s own Perfect Time (even though it was hard to swallow at the time).


Fast-forward almost 2 years… NYSC, amazing friends, networks, and 2 God sent jobs later, I am now pursuing the Masters of my dreams, the masters I need, and I am UTTERLY Petrified!!! I looked through the outline the other day and nearly cried, Lolia and all this MATH… *Looks around* Ummmm, Professor I MUST be in the wrong class.

I do hold on to what a Professor told me

“You are here because somebody other than yourself believed you can do this”

And do this I shall. By HIS grace, I am holding on to HIM (and my books) with BOTH hands.

I made a couple of resolutions for 2015

  • To go back completely natural (Did it since 2010 but busy life/Naija conditions deceived me to put a texturizer in…. Smh. So I did another “Big Chop”.
  • Hold God’s hand and this time NOT let go (Commitment to do daily devotion, stay physically and mentally in HIS presence is Still on track. Praise God)
  • Actively show my loved ones (ride or die friends included) that they are NOT just an Option in my life but a Priority. #technologyistooadvancedforexcuses
  • Working on some projects, prayfully they will go live this Year!

Gonna hold off in the love department for a while, it is increasingly clear that many folks have a disconcerted/narrow-minded idea of how to show love in relationships.

Ultimately… I’m just going to let God lead.

I truly pray that for everyone who reads this, that God fills you with HIS Perfect Joy and Peace so that no matter what may be going on in your life, you can rest in the fact that He IS in Control, Always has been, ALWAYS will… 2015 WILL be MILESTONE YEAR!



4 comments on “Day 20: Lia

  1. Abiola says:

    Amen! And I hope HE holds your hands to lead you to wherever HE wants you to go and never let go. Have a great year.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. enajyte says:

    God’s plans. Perfection.



  3. hrh7 says:

    Amen. Great luck with your year by the way.


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