Dark 21: Frank

It’s the 18th day of January and I’m wondering why this month is way too slow, I mean it was New Year day months ago. Not like I’m particularly interested in the year moving as fast as the speed of light but this is sluggish. Anyway, I’m here to share my plans for 2015.

My name is Frank and I’m a graduate of Microbiology and Brewing Science. I graduated last year and it’s been good so far. I’ll be very honest, I walked into this new year feeling down after seeing my CGPA. It wasn’t a sorry scene, but I was expecting way better. (I remember how I kept on singing ‘Jesus take the wheel’ before I saw my results) I don’t know how to tell my parents that their golden child didn’t get to the target they wanted him to get to in a course he practically imposed on them, seeing as they were reluctant but they’ll be fine. It might take days of constant yelling but they’ll get to adjust. I wasn’t so serious about taking a second degree yet but now, I’m rethinking that option. I’m looking out for any school outside Nigeria – preferably the states where I can go for a second degree or a masters.

This year, I want to try out new things. So far, I started with watching football. The normal me would pick a lot of things over watching football, but I recently started and it’s not that bad. Don’t look at me like a novice, I know when it’s an offside and a goal. I also hope to drive this year whether Lagos traffic wants it or not. I’ve not been too faithful to my driving classes and hopefully, they’ll change this year.

Also, I have a target to read more books and see more movies. Currently, I’m reading The Legend of Sheba by Tosca Lee and The Invisible Man by Herbert Wells. I hope to read about 100 books at the end of this year. I started seeing movies I missed out on. Olympus has fallen was great, Lucy was good until the end, The Maze Runner was shit, Divergent was average and so on. I’ve been watching the Wolf of Wall Street for a week though, still can’t find anything good about it.

In addition, I hope to try out all opportunities I’m able to get at working anywhere. I also hope to update my blog more – its more of a personal blog http://www.bantsandrants.wordpress.com. I’ll also kick start a column on 360nobs, so look out for that. In all, my plate is open for all sorts of meals.

About love and relationships, I look forward to what the year holds in stock. I might end up a single pringle as I am now. I might not. I won’t sha kill myself. I’m open to making friends and talking to anyone who wants to say hi. I think I’m very polite by default, polite but shy. I’m also trying to mend old relations. A stitch in time, saves nine. Hopefully, all will be well.

I also look forward to NYSC later in the year. How could I have forgotten you? So far they’re not posting me go the north, I’m fine with anywhere. I’ll prefer Akwa Ibom, Ogun or Delta but as I said, I’m fine with anywhere.

Sometime, when I run through my 2015 review in December, I want to come back here and smile at myself. Smile that I’ve gotten through this year and achieved these aforementioned. I know the hardest will be the driving bit.

Peace, love and a happy new year!

7 comments on “Dark 21: Frank

  1. hrh7 says:

    I hope you smile. Good luck with everything.
    GOD’S blessings too.
    Congratulations in advance on the driving. Don’t bash any cars though 😉


  2. consigliere says:

    Lucy was good until the end” spot on.
    Wolf of wall street?? Lol. Really nice movie.
    Maze runner? Epic something.
    HI frank, may the good lord perfect all that concerns you now and always.


  3. frankugo says:

    Reblogged this on bantsandrants and commented:
    Did this on Toxic’s blog for 2015! Read 🙂


  4. enajyte says:

    Wolf of Wall Street. Thank you! Fastforwarded my way through that movie, if not I for still dey watch am.

    All the best with the driving. Watch out for Lastma.



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