Day 21: Shade

The other day I was watching a Christian program and I heard the words “O ma ri iyanu Olorun” (U will see God’s mercy) and it stuck. That’s 2015 for me in a nutshell.

If there is something I’ve learned over the years, it’s writing down my goals.
It’s helped me consciously try to work hard at achieving them.
This year won’t be any different. U see, when I was entering 2014, I wrote down more goals I knew I could achieve by myself.  This time I’m writing more of what I know I can’t achieve on my own without God (not that I can do anything without Him anyway) .

The simple small ones will be that I want to be a big part of my daughter’s education.  Yea, I’m one of those mums who don’t just have the power for Math homework (somebody say olodo)

I want to be the reason alot of people smile this year. And it has started. I opened a free weight loss group and I am finishing the free Photography training I’ve been doing.

I’m challenging myself alot this year!

I have made up my mind to read. I don’t read and that shocks even me. Actually it doesn’t. I’m lazy *face palm*
I want to read books, all kinds of books. Finish reading the Bible as well, and so far it’s going ok.  Baby steps.
I’m still working towards that 6 packs I promised myself in 2013. It’s almost three weeks into my routine. Mehn, this thing is not beans o. Who sent me?  *weeps* But na this year e must show.
This year I’m going to do at least 2 trainings, and God willing travel to at least 2 countries. (Because dem nor take Nigeria swear for me)
I want to have at least three streams of income before the end of 2015. I know that is alot of hard work and I’m so ready!

I have decided not to trouble my self with people this year, because you see, people will always be who they want to be no matter what you do. So yeah, we are working towards peace of mind, might be making some hard decisions, taking bold necessary steps. God help me.

This year ehn, I will open my mouth and ask for things and I will get them! No forming o. If I had formed I won’t have gotten one of my dream camera lenses at Christmas. Lol. Please my birthday is in March, let God use you, ask me what I want. There’s enough time to gather the money.

Cheers to a year of good things.

2 comments on “Day 21: Shade

  1. Amen, Amen and amen to this post! This 2015 fruits must show in Jesus name. Go make that money. I love the passion.
    About reading, I am so shocked that I have also gone from being an ardent reader and writer to doing NONE of those things at all. I started a story in 2013 and it’s still there where i left it. lol. My library is packed with so many unread books.

    I decided this year to get back on track and read at least one book a month. That’s 12 books in a year. I used to finish 3 in a month…but starting with one ain’t bad na??? I’m already finishing my January read and I feel so proud lool.

    But yea, it just shows, set your targets and set your sights on them and you will achieve it.
    All the best and may God bless your hussle this year:)


    • consigliere says:

      Amen. Happy new year to you.

      Please make me smile. Add me to your free weight loss group,lol.

      PS: you are not an Olodo. Never!


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