Dusk 21: Adedayo

I’ve written this a couple of times in my head and this feels like a decent version to put on here…

It’s hard to forget pain…2014
2014 was one year I’ll forever remember, two things stood out for me like a VHS in a DVD collection –

1. For the first time in my life I slept on a hospital bed (something I had hoped would not happen till it was time to give birth to my cuties)

2. I lost a very dear friend.

Pain permeated my 2014 like steam; but Thank God for the good times that broke through like coloured light. Most of what I hoped to get done didn’t quite see the daylight.

In spite of the darkness that masked 2014, I entered 2015 a warrior and a hope bearer …

2015…the year to explore, to love and to laugh
This year I want to satisfy my wanderlust. I want to finally advance from just “como estas?”, “Gracias”, “muy bien” to speak Spanish passably well (Spanish language is everything ).

See, LaToya my guitar has been sitting pretty in the corner of the living room for a while now, she’s covered in a light film of dust from the harmattan and anytime I enter the living room I can almost swear I hear her say “when will you learn to play me perfectly?” 2015 I hope is that year.

Love and I have been frolicking for a while now, this year I hope one finds the other.

I want to read more this year, I’m on my 5th read (I’m trying to read what I can before work gets busy).

I’ve been on this fitfam journey since late last year, and I went a size down, this year I’m going in hard.

For some bizarre reason, I deserted music but I want to revive my love for music in 2015. I want to enjoy again the “awesomenesses” that are Corrine Bailey Rae, Brandi Carlile, Jhene Aiko, Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz etc.

I want to write more this year…be faithful with blogging too.

I wear my love for tea around my neck like a Japa Malas Bead so it’ll be too odd to not mention it here. I love tea, I mean I love tea all I’m saying is I love tea lol. This year I hope to further explore my love for tea and probably write about it.

I’ve lived a recluse life for too long. In 2015, I want to meet new friends, be a little more active on social media and go out a little more. This one seems the hardest right now ^_^

In the midst of the dimness of 2014, I started a love relationship with God, this year we are going deeper by His grace.

Have a fab 2015 everyone, I hope to come back here in January 22, 2016 to tell you that 2015 was all these are more…

Love, Light & Tea,

3 comments on “Dusk 21: Adedayo

  1. consigliere says:

    May all your dreams come true.
    Please add Lana Del Rey to your Album.

    Happy new year *hugs*


  2. enajyte says:

    See, I don’t get tea. I will read about tea though (and write about it making sure all the tea drinking characters get their tongues burnt, lol).

    Say hi to LaToya. I left my darling Unnamed when I changed cities. If you’re in Lagos, I could share info with you about events where you can go, have fun and meet people or just be by yourself.

    Have a healthy mind and body 2015.



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