Dusk 24: Daisy

I crossed over to 2015 on a good note, I was happy and content which for me was a good feeling considering I crossed over to 2014 very meh-ish. Anyway, I have grouped this year’s hope and aspirations into areas I want to work in (which is basically everything). So here goes.


2014 was the year I found the career path I discovered I enjoyed and I was pretty awesome at it (Like I am not even joking here, shining at work like some brainchild. Ridiculous! Laveit!!! loool). Anyway so 2015 is the year where I back up all that ‘love’ with some serious work. I’m looking to get at least three professional certifications this year, well the most important three, I might throw in a couple others just because. The game plan is to enter 2016 CIPM certified, SAP and HRBP and maybe join SHRM. And attend as much training courses as I can afford. So yeah there’s that. I was also supposed to start my MBA this year too in September, I still don’t know about that. Basically 2015 is the year we go, go, go and keep going. All that reading though?


God: This area needs work I won’t even lie. Like serious work. I’m going to take it a day at a time anyway. That’s all there is to say about that sha, nothing elaborate sadly.

Family: My relationship with my family was tested last year a lot, this year no time for all that rubbish. Family comes first and always have my back you know, have to respect that and just make them proud of the woman I am becoming.

Friends: Keep my circle small and tight. The end. {Cue smirk}

Him: LOOOOOOOL *curls in a ball and cries heart out* 2015 is #SeizeTheBae abi? Looooool we’ll see how that goes really. Not going to even stress it. Too sure my mother just rolled her eyes in her sleep, I’m expecting a call tomorrow morning (It is 11 ish now). Her daughter does not want to marry and give her grandkids???? Aru!!!


Lool I know everything above is about me but observe calm let me explain, smh. This year I am going to work on being an all-round good (please read awesome) person. But for real though, I want to be a little less stubborn, and learn not to enter my shell (and binge eat like a hippo) whenever I feel sad, because let’s be honest you can’t exactly escape being sad, I think. If you find a way to escape, please let me know.

Physically, loool hmmm, this year well at least for the first say 3 months I actually want to add a few extra pounds, this means I get to eaaaaaaaaaaat! So yeah I am excited. But because I don’t want to be a blob, I’d still hit the gym.

This is pretty much it really, I’m sure you can tell this is the year I face my career squarely and kiss my social life bye bye *sigh* At least I would be saving money from not turning up? Shey? Shebi? Abi? Loool. No, I am not crying or nothing, I’m allergic. Please still invite me for turn up… Man shall not live by books alone abeg! I will show up in spirit, pinky promise.

Cheers to an amazing year ahead, (can January move any faster so credit alert can enter nah’msaying?) Go ye forth and be awesome!

Peace, Hugs and Cupcakes. (And dumbbells. Ha!)

3 comments on “Dusk 24: Daisy

  1. Go forth and prosper babe

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  2. Jibola says:



  3. enajyte says:

    All the best with the A to Z. All those letters made me dizzy. lol

    Excel! Shalom!


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