Dusk 25: Febisola

Hi guys!
I’m not a really a writer. Lol I’m not at all.
I am a scrabble player *challenge me*
Please pardon however I write. Faith is writing. No, my name is not Faith.
You can’t guess my name! It’s not common type of Yoruba name. (Cri with me, my name cannot be on coke bottle randomly. Scarce commodity lomo)
*Frank Edward- Oghene Doo*
I’m so thankful for 2014, it was a great year. Full of ups and downs, still survived. Relationship with God improved; Scrabble skills improved; Completed NYSC; Met two people that made me view life in another very beautiful way (Yes,that amazing); Met people I wish I never met even their shadows but I guess that’s part of life.
Gbam! October came, N19,800 and others stopped coming…Real life showed up. Applications upon applications. From one test/interview centre to another.
One fateful day, I was almost crying on one of the streets of Victoria Island. Was that bad! Jesus take the wheel.
TS said I’m always too happy that it seems like all is fine. I just believe all is going to be.
Throwing a pity party around won’t make life any better.
Happy new year!!!
I hugged my uncle so tight on this day, he looked at me like ‘my little niece all grown up’ and he said May God help you all through the year. Meant a lot to me.

*Kirk Franklin-My life is in your hands*  Luke 1:37

So far, it’s been a good year I am definitely getting a very big testimony (And I hope you get yours also) very soon.
So this year, 2Corinthians 4:17

– I hope to have a much better relationship with God and also finish the bible (Old and New Testaments) – Four Chapters Done 😀
– I hope to get a job soon. I’m legit tired of writing tests when candidates for the jobs are already known.*crying in swahili*
– I sincerely hope to get a good job sooner than i ever thought it would come.(Self advert-I studied Economics,if you need business partner too 🙂
– I hope to pass all exams I intend to write by His grace,get admission into grad school and also to get the scholarship I want.
– I hope my dad will have a good business/financial year.
– I hope my man’s desires and dreams for this year be come to reality.
– I hope to have a good scrabble year. Win good money and medals for the state.
– I hope to a better Lover/friend and make good friend(s), learned, older than me (or not).
– I hope to put smiles on the faces and joy in the heart of numerous people this year. To be helpful in any way I can be.
– I hope to visit a couple of new places (within and outside Nigeria), learn something new (Like riding a bicycle), learn to cook new foods!
– I’m that person beside you that’s always jumping in church with hands high because body no fit shake. I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO DANCE :(((((
– I hope my hopes will be fulfilled. Might be rough, will come out very fine.

Faith was writing. Habakkuk 2:2-3
I have faith that my own fish with the the large silver coin is almost here! Matthew 17:27
I hope you have an amazing year and reasons to testify to God’s goodness.
Thank you OlaToxic

-I’m Febisola

2 comments on “Dusk 25: Febisola

  1. preshy says:

    aMEN…I like your name 🙂


  2. enajyte says:

    You don’t have to fall off a bicycle when learning to ride. But if you do, please get back on immediately.

    I cannot even challenge you to scrabble. Haven’t been near a board in years.

    Have a marvelously exciting year.



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