Day 26: Olumide

I did the 2014 review on Efe’s blog, and I’m here today, to project into 2015 and try and set markers and all, so I can track this progress as the year goes by.

I’ve picked up my phone many times in the last three weeks, but I find that doing this is even more difficult than I’d imagined, because, as it turns out, it isn’t easy for one to write what you want about a year that’s only just unravelling.

However, in the spirit of calling things that (mostly) be not as though they were, here are my plans and expectations for this new year, in no particular order:

I plan to move closer to God. That’s probably the biggest expectation of 2015 that I have. I plan to read my bible and pray more; generally spend more quality time in the place of worship, praise and prayer. I’m mostly back in my worship team, I’ve found a church where I feel right at home, and I hope to get as involved as I can in the work of God as the year goes by.

Professionally, we had to drop a long standing project/client in the last couple of weeks because our dreams and goals decided to stop aligning, and we were being given the free hand to do what we were contracted to do, despite that the time to deploy the heavy guns came, and the client wasn’t forthcoming. It’s somewhat disheartening when you’ve laid a foundation for a particular moment for many years, and that moment comes and you’re incapacitated, due to lack of funds, or whatever.

I also discovered that separating one’s personal beliefs from what is good for one’s business is the way forward, and, if you had someone who was willing to let you do your work, business-wise, and was willing to provide everything that you need, it makes sense to take up that offer, regardless of whatever you hold as a personal belief. We almost lost out on a deal because of this, and an array of events made me realize that I could have hindered the progress of the business I’m trying to run, because of my personal beliefs and guilt.

All of these necessitated that we pull out of a project that we have been a part of for many years, and move forward. I’m looking into this new year with hope; the future might be uncertain, but as long as we do what we do, and we have God, all will be well.

My relationship with the woman God gave me has also grown in leaps and bounds. I particularly love how we’re able to disagree, and then put aside hurt and sentiments to deal with out disagreements, and fashion a way out. I hope we continue to grow better and closer.

I also want to be closer to my family this year. To play a bigger role as the first child, and to ensure that everything stays awesome.

I also want to reach out and help more people this year; to give more than I have ever given and be there for more people than I have ever been. I hope the new year brings with it more glories and higher levels.

I’m looking forward to it with hope, and I know that, no matter what, God has got me.

One comment on “Day 26: Olumide

  1. hrh7 says:

    Yes He has! Happy New Year


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