Day 29: Aminat

November 2012 decided to leave taking my mum with it. Someone I had just started bonding fully with. She was gone and nothing would bring her back. And Oh did mankind deal us a terrible blow too. Fast forward- December 2012 and my resolutions were: Care less (People aren’t worth it)  And be a lot less responsible (I always was that person who’d give her arm and leg for someone else’s work even as I died while doing it). Oh yeah, try passing all your exams in January.

January came and passed and so did 2013. No…. I did not pass my exams and No again, I did not become less responsible. Although, I did become cold, distant and lived behind walls. Growing up for me was fast…this whole thing made me wife and mother before I could blink.

2014 was “DIFFERENT”. Everything was different. Everything that could have gone wrong did. Some got better. I did things I never would have thought I would. I became less cold and distant…Ahmean, I almost cried when that lady in The Best Man Holiday died… I even got a tear drop or two while watching The Fault in our stars (Okay so I really cried…Movie none-criers like me are allowed some cry-time no?). I started writing again (sort of. Although I did take a break of about 8 months to finish the blog-series I started in December 2013 but I did finish up. I made me proud). came to life (yeah yeah, you got me there. Do visit, comment, and subscribe). Progress is slow but then again, I am making an effort this time. I got amazing offers towards the end of the year. Ah!  How could I forget, I became a plantain “dealer” too.

My Plan of Action for this year is quite a long list. Too long I don’t know if I can keep up.

This year I just want to be happy. I hope to be happy. Do things because I can…Laugh a lot more and this time from my heart. Worry less. Stop blaming myself for everything that goes wrong. Stop blaming myself for mum.

Salvage my grades and finish school with as good a grade as possible. Last semester’s results just came in….Things are looking good. It is hard bouncing back from that much carry-overs but God has been wonderful. My GP still fit call number small before credit go finish.

I do hope to become more serious with my writing. Getting myself into trouble by committing to write for someone by a deadline worked once, it should work again. The goal is to write at least thrice in a week (which I sadly haven’t started doing), so help me God.  Take up script-writing and start those manuscripts I have refused to start writing, get my blog running fully.

Self-development: I have to take my sewing seriously this year. Start my training afresh, get a sewing machine. It’s time to stop just talking about a media career and start acting on it.  And all those “I want to- I want to” things I’ve been eyeing and forgetting, it’s time to do at least one of them. And by all means, if I can become a certified JCI Trainer this year, why not?!

Volunteer. How to go about it, I don’t know. But I do hope to. There are already some amazing projects JCI OAU has planned for this LO year. I don’t want to be limited to just JCI. I’m hoping to start a Spoken Words gig on campus. I hope this doesn’t end as just another project I thought of. 

No plans for ‘Bae’ this year. It’s just me this year. No such thing as trying to find The One or hoping The Right One would happen along this time. (My friends won’t let me hear the end of this. They’ll make it a really long year).

No more free hair for anybody. Well, except my family and my friends and maybe a couple other people. *sigh* that’s everybody already. See how my resolutions don’t make it to February talk more December?

Meet more people. Online…Offline…Anyline (@09_Eleven is the handle by the way). I would be much more of a Pest than before (time to upgrade).

Make my Dad even prouder than he already is. Be a better daughter, wife, and mother. The poor man and my siblings deserve it.

This long list is yet another thing I hope for. I hope to complete this list of “Dares” by the end of the year. Amen.

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