Dusk 29: Mansu

I was almost not going to ‘bother’ myself with writing this, but how do I go all out this year already?

I’ll start by putting a cap on the previous year. Chai, that year was just one kind. There was too much money learning going down. I learned and earned not much. Learnt how not to set too many goals and how to successfully be a victim of online scam. Apart from the fact that I was mostly broke and frequently unhappy, it was a year of plenty ‘strategic’ plans (my manager’s fav words) and preparations for a better 2015.

So, here goes:

Be Bold.

On the 30th day of January, I take a long walk out of misery my job into happiness or reality as some call it. This significantly is the beginning of this year for me. I had counted down for long, prepared, anticipated and wait for it… waited for the 30th of January for so many reasons. I honestly haven’t felt better than I have been feeling in the past few days, knowing I’m swaying into the not-so-friendly world.

This year, I’ll make my points known, ask when I need to and say NO (to rape, violence and lending), a few times!


New York. Ontario. Bradford. Abu Dhabi. Mecca. As much as my pocket (and of family and friends) can bear mehn, that world tour will finally begin, at least this five. I’ll travel for work, holidays, just because and because.


I have had this long dream of being a radio presenter. Oh yes!  I have the ‘radio-voice’. This year I am actually going to get on the radio, and anchor my own programme. So, if you know how you can make this dream come true, be nice!

I am also going to act more on my ideas. Y’all don’t know a thing about exhaustion – my ideas kill me.  ‘OurWeddingStoryNigeria’ (which I presently co-own) will run *wink at Tunde*, ‘UpBeat Youth’ will fly, ‘Incomplete Words of Mansu’ will jump and ‘BuyAfricana’ will kill take you all!


This is what ENTREPRENEURS do. My entire doable are very open to individuals and groups of people who want to be engaged in one thing or the other, so simply indicate your interest and let’s go ALL out together!!! And I mean it.

I have recently registered a rather unconventional non-profit and hope to engage as many fun young people as the universe has. I need to start touching lives and will do just that. I am moving from empathy to filling and fulfilling.


Who knew holidays could be so tiring. Love is a beautiful thing and I am going to feel it. #ThatsALL.


Because I am certain that at some point in some people’s lives they’ll get to read this,  I won’t start by saying I LOVE to cook (I do tho), but I am going to reeeeeeeaaaalllyyyyy cook this year. We’ll do traditional, intercontinental, international, universal, heavenly, everything and anything. That’s actually preparing towards Africurean (wait for that too).


I am not exactly sure to add this to the list, I mean. I hope to try though.

So there goes a euphemism for my six plus one goals for the year 2015: TO GO ALL OUT!!!

Thank you Ola for giving me the opportunity and thank YOU for reading through these 570 words.

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    My hopes for the next 11 or so months. Enjoy.


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